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Axe-wielding terrorists attack natural gas site workers and RCMP in northern BC

Houston RCMP are currently investigating an incident near Houston, BC. A group of individuals allegedly engaged in a violent confrontation with employees of Coastal GasLink, and with attending police officers along the Morice River Forest Service Road.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, shortly after midnight, Houston RCMP was called to the Marten Forest Service Road (FSR) after Coastal Gas Link (CGL) security reported a group of violent people attacking CGL employees and destroying the work site.

It was reported approximately 20 people, some armed with axes, were attacking and terrorizing security guards and smashing their vehicle windows, Flare guns were also fired at workers. It was initially reported that some CGL employees were trapped, but all had managed to safely leave the area.

The police arrive and once they got to the 41 km mar they found the road was blocked with trees downed and across the road, stumps covered in tarp, wire and board with spikes in them ready to do harm to someone or property. The terrorists lit fires throughout the debris. While police were investigating the area they found traps set up and several people started throwing smoke bombs and fire lit sticks at the police, one officer is reported to be injured

Further up the road at the 43 km mark, the violent criminals had a old school bus blocking the road. No suspects were found on scene. CGL workers assisted the police with moving the bus to clear a path of the police to continue up the road.

The drill pad located at the 63 km mark was there was an excessive amount of damage down to the work site. Equipment had been smashed, burned and destroyed, including a work trailer that had its wall ripped off.

When police arrived at the drill pad at the 63 km mark, they found excessive amounts of damage to heavy machinery, fencing, and portable buildings. Police did not encounter any further blockades or terrorists as they made their way to the drill pad nor did they locate anyone at the site. The cost of damage done is extensive as seen in the photos.

Coastal GasLink released a statement on Thursday that said “approximately 20 masked and violent attackers wearing camouflage surrounded and attacked Coastal GasLink workers in a highly planned and dangerous unprovoked assault.”

“This coordinated and criminal attack from multiple directions threatened the lives of several workers. In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside.”

“The attackers also wielded axes, swinging them at vehicles and through a truck’s window. Flare guns were also fired at workers. Workers fled the site for their own safety and remain shaken by this violent incident. Fortunately, there were no physical injuries to Coastal GasLink workers.”

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“This is a very troubling escalation in violent criminal activity that could have resulted in serious injury or death. This was a calculated and organized violent attack that left its victims shaken and a multimillion dollar path of destruction,” says Chief Superintendent Warren Brown, North District Commander. “While we respect everyone’s right to peacefully protest in Canada, we cannot tolerate this type of extreme violence and intimidation. Our investigators will work tirelessly to identify the culprits and hold them accountable for their actions.”

Coastal GasLink LNG Pipeline sites is important infrastructure located in northern BC and have repeatedly been subject to vandalism and protests, with numerous arrests by RCMP. 

The Morice River pad where these attacks took place was formerly the site of a blockade that lasted 59 days.

“Our work is lawful, authorized, fully permitted and has the unprecedented support of local and Indigenous communities and agreements in place with all 20 elected First Nation councils across the 670 km route,” Coastal GasLink stated on Thursday, adding that the project is almost 60% complete.

The RCMP is appealing to the public for assistance about the incident. This type of criminal activity and level of violence impacts the entire community, so we are urging anyone that has any information about the individuals involved to contact the Houston RCMP at 250-845-2204.

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