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Premier David Eby ‘is a dictator’ stated in recall petition citing Bill 36 concerns

“This is not a leader, This is a dictator”

Premier David Eby will be the subject of a recall petition later this month.

On Tuesday Elections BC announce it had approved a recall petition against David Eby MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey which was submitted by Salvatore Vetro.

On January 17, the petition will be released, and registered canvassers may start gathering signatures at that time. By March 20th, the petition must be delivered back to Elections BC.

To submit a recall petition it must include a statement in which Vetro statement says that Bill 36 will reduce the number of healthcare regulatory bodies fiving the government centralized government control putting them at risk of “government overreach.”

“Not one profession is immune to the overreach of the government regarding our own personal health. Bill 36 must be repealed.”

Vetro argues it violates Canada’s Charter and the International Nuremburg Code. Vetro alleges the bill will “decimate an already imploding health care system.”

Vetro accurately pointed out David Eby silenced concerns and constructive criticism by shutting down debates on the issue after the first reading.

“This Bill has had very little debate and no constituency town hall meeting whatsoever. Premier David Eby invoked closure and cut off further debate.” Vetro wrote in his statement.

“This is not a leader, This is a dictator”

Organizations that advocate for medical professionals, such as the British Columbia Medical Association, have criticized the act. During the legislative process, the group contended that the bill would politicize college board decisions, jeopardize the autonomy of the profession, and increase prices.

The consolidation of the regulatory bodies will also bring in new board members and how the way they get their roles.

After reducing the number of physicians colleges they will be eliminating the elected members of the board who have knowledge and experience within the professions in their regulator body purview and replacing them with unelected government appointed bureaucrats with no knowledge of healthcare system.

Registered canvassers will be able to start collecting signatures for the recall on January 17 and have up until March 20th to submit the signatures to Election BC.

Elections BC have set the high signature threshold at 40% of eligible voters or 16,449 voters for Eby’s riding. Eligible voters must have been a registered in the Vancouver-Point Grey on Oct. 24, 2020, when Eby won the riding.

“In the event of a successful recall petition, the recalled member’s seat becomes vacant and a by-election must be called within 90 days,” it reads. “The recalled member can run as a candidate in the by-election.”

A person with the same name who lives in Vancouver established the B.C. First Party in 2010. He served as the official financial representative for the petition opposing the harmonized sales tax, which Gordon Campbell’s government implemented in 2009 but abandoned in 2013 as the result of a vote.

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