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Kitimat Council Terry Marleau said people “don’t believe in the science” about worker Covid-19 vaccine mandates but neglects to provide the “science” and evidence

Earlier in January the District of Kitimat council met to discuss their position on the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers because they are in desperate need of health care workers.

There was mixed opinions from other councillors when Coun. Mario Feldhoff brought a motion to send the province a letter to rehire all the unvaccinated and presumed unvaccinated health care workers because the mandate is doing more harm than good.

“The vaccine mandate ‘cure’ is now arguably a greater impediment to overall public health than COVID itself,” said Feldhoff.

Kitimat City Council Terry Marleau tried to avoid backlash when insulting qualified and licensed health professionals generalized his statement as “science of our healthcare” when speaking about the Covid0-19 vaccine mandates for health care workers.

“I have to be very open, I don’t know if I’d want to be working with people who don’t believe in the science of our healthcare,” according to Interior News.

The province has failed to provide any supporting evidence for keeping the health care worker Covid-19 vaccine mandate, BC Rise reached out to councillor Terry Marleau to provide the supporting evidence considering the province neglects to show the “science” behind its decision making.

The “COVID-19 Lessons Learned Review” concluded the BC NDP government failed to provide evidence or data to support a decision or an explanation of how the evidence contributed to the decision and instead opted for slogans like “following the science” but refused to provide said “science”. The report also found the decisions the B.C. government and public health made were inconsistent with reports in media and social media.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has already admitted that 90% of the population in British Columbia has previously been infected with Covid-19 making natural acquired immunity widespread.

The Covid-19 vaccine mandates came in to play for one reason only and that was to “step the spread” but as everyone has seen from real world data over the last 2 years the shots do not stop the spread of Covid-19.

British Columbia is the only province continuing to impose the invasive Covid-19 vaccine mandates on healthy health care workers, Nova Scotia is the only other province.

Here the letter BC Rise sent to Terry and Kitimat City Council

Hello Terry, I am an independent journalist for a local online newspaper called www.bcrise.com and working on an article on statements about people not understanding “the science in our healthcare”.

I reached out to you almost 2 weeks ago using the contact form on the City website and also sent the same request to the whole of city council with no response.

My article is about to go live and this is a chance for you to clarify your statements as many British Columbians question it.

According to Interior News you said “I have to be very open, I don’t know if I’d want to be working with people who don’t believe in the science of our healthcare”

Source: https://www.interior-news.com/news/kitimat-council-to-ask-b-c-health-authorities-to-drop-healthcare-worker-vaccine-mandate/

I would first like to point out the Covid-19 lessons learned review concluded the government and PHO have repeatedly failed to provide rationale and “the why” including data and explanation to support government decision making.

Source: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/public-safety-and-emergency-services/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/embc/reports/covid-19_lessons_learned_report.pdf

Who are these people who “don’t believe in the science of our healthcare” that you are referring to?

What “science” are you speaking of?

Are you speaking of the “science” to support health care worker Covid-19 vaccine mandates? If yes, the province has not released any “science” to support the health care worker covid-19 mandates. Please share this “science” you imply to have with BC Rise so we can show it to the public.

Dozens of peer reviewed studies prove the shots do not stop infection or transmission which renders the Covid-19 vaccine mandates useless. If the “science” you are speaking of is that unvaccinated put the vaccinated or anyone at risk please provide the proof of this so-called “science” because the BC NDP government still hasn’t provided any to this day. Where are you getting your “science” and when will the public be allowed to see and strutanize it?

Do you find it appropriate for politicians to throw around buzz words like “science” without providing any proof of said “science” or explaining which “science” they are referencing?

Do you find it appropriate for politicians to continue demonizing people based on a personal medical decision?

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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