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BC NDP MLA slammed for erosion of sex-based rights comment “Trans women are women”

In January a BC NDP MLA posted a message on social media declaring men are entitled to women’s rights.

She received backlash for claiming “Trans women are women – period.”

MLA Kelli Paddon was responding to an article posted by ChekNews of a biological male being denied access to a women-only gym.

The biological male who goes by the name Brigid Klyne-Simpson uses so-called “gender identity” to self identify as a woman which a small group claims is equal to sex based rights.

The gym offered Klyne-Simpson access to the co-ed gym which features women’s, men’s and gender neutral change rooms.

“Trans people deserve to feel safe, welcome & affirmed for who they are. Trans women are women – period. At a time when trans people are under increased attack around the world, it’s up to all of us to speak out and to help break down barriers that transgender people face”.

There is a lot opposition to that statement and many of the critics are saying it’s an attack on women’s sex based rights.

Sex-based rights advocate group Women’s Declaration International Canada acknowledged the BC NDP made it clear it disagrees with sex-based rights.

“Thank you for making your position clear. Our movement will do whatever we can to make sure your stance prioritizing the fetishes of grown men over the safety of women and girls is as widely known as possible.”

When BC Rise reached out to Women’s Declaration International Canada, they said it’s important to respect people on the basis of both sex and gender identity and it’s “especially important to respect the privacy and sex-based spaces belonging to women and girls.”

Biology draws a clear line in the sand making a distinction between sex-based rights and “gender identity” based rights.

When asked how it would describe the difference between sex based rights and “gender identity” rights, this is what WDI told BC Rise in an email.

BIOLOGICAL SEX: As the term suggests, sex-based rights are based upon physical distinction between biological male and female categories. Biological sex is binary: there are only two sexes. It’s objective reality.

Not one person in Canada has come into existence in any other way than by the union of male and female.

GENDER IDENTITY: Gender identity relies upon self-perception and is said to be “fluid”; highly subjective.
There are hundreds of gender identities we are told.

WDI says the bottom line is when you start allowing “transwomen” into women’s only spaces it empowers the men to invade women’s spaces where ever and when ever they want a long as they claim to be a women. Women were never asked if they wanted to give up their rights to women only spaces.

“Canadian women have never been consulted about whether they consent to have men who identify as women in spaces where they are naked and vulnerable.”

“Trans rights activism asks *much* more of women than it does of men. It’s always men asking for entry into women’s spaces, women’s sports, women’s categories.  The reverse demand is rarely or never articulated.” Linda Blade, Coordinator at WDI told BC Rise.

She also said “Although ‘trans’ is treated as a unitary category, the motivations of women and youth who transition are very different from those of adult men who transition.”

Prison study

Correctional Services Canada conducted studies titled: Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders and another titled: Gender Diverse Offenders with a History of Sexual Offending.

The study revealed of the transgender inmates that were analyzed in a recent study, almost all offenders (82%) with a sex offence history were trans-women.

“Over 80% of gender diverse offenders with sexual offence histories were trans-women. Sexual offending indicators showed that the majority of these offences were committed while living as their biological sex, and that the highest proportion of victims were children or female. In addition, a majority of this sub-group caused death or serious harm to their victim(s).”

“Almost two-thirds (64%) had committed a current sex offence with 88% convicted of prior sex offences. The majority (85%) committed an offence that caused death or serious harm to their victim(s) while 70% inflicted psychological harm on their victim(s). Examination of victimology shows that over half were children (58%) or female (55%). One-third of the offences committed had multiple victims (33%).”

Canadians support sex-based rights

British Columbian’s fed-up with the BC NDP woke divisive politics interfering in every aspect of their personal and business lives are pushing back.

British Columbians are fed-up with the woke divisive gender ideology “gender identity” politics the BC NDP has embraced since 2017 when it came to power.

Sall Grover who appears to be the Founder & CEO of giggle, a women’s only social network called out BC NDP MLA Kelli Paddon for supporting the erosion of women’s sex based rights.

“That’s a very long winded way of saying ‘women can’t have boundaries’.” wrote Sall Grover

A couple days later she tweeted it’s “insane” the government doesn’t understand biology.

“If you’d told me 4 years ago I’d have to tell the government that men aren’t women, I’d have thought you were insane, so I do get why some people think we’re insane telling the government that men aren’t women. But, alas, we do have to tell the government that men aren’t women.”

BC NDP MLA believes politicians aren’t allowed to support their constituents that voted them in on their opposing views. BC NDP MLA Kelli Paddon said earlier in January democracy is “terrifying” and believes opposition parties should not have opinions on sex based rights and to not oppose ideologies from government of the day.

“it’s really terrifying, Somebody who’s an elected official, they have no excuse. This is not ignorance. I believe she’s testing the water.” -Travers on Kelowna-Mission MLA & BC Liberal Gender critic

Amy Hamm, a sex-based rights activist was appalled by the BC NDP’s support in eroding women’s sex-based rights.

BC NDP’s Kelli Paddon “spoke out in support of this person accessing women-only spaces in the province. So not only is the @bcndp taking the piss, they’re also rubbing women’s noses in it.” wrote Hamm

“To be CLEAR, because I know my haters need it – this is not about mocking someone’s appearance. I could give a fuck what someone looks like. Just don’t fucking gaslight women and tell us that something that is clearly a lie is in fact the truth.”

Criminal predatory instances by transwomen documented

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