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John Horgan tests positive for COVID-19. Symptoms are ‘mild’

The premier of British Columbia, John Horgan, says he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Horgan confirmed the positive test in a Twitter post on Monday.

“This morning I tested positive for COVID-19,” he said.

“Fortunately, my symptoms are mild and that is thanks to being fully vaccinated. I’m following public health guidance, isolating and working from home until my symptoms resolve.”

There’s no reason to ring any alarm bells though. Premier John Horgan said the symptoms are mild. Richard Zussman tweeted Health Minister Adrian Dix says gave the Premier the weekly COVID briefing the Premiers “thoughts and focus were on everyone else and not his COVID diagnosis”.

John Horgan is 62 years old and has been diagnosed with cancer multiple times in his life time and under gone surgeries reported CBC. He was just recently diagnosed with cancer again and went through 35 cancer treatments reported Global News.

John Horgan’s personal risk is still the high risk category. Even if he is vaccinated and boosted to the stratosphere because of his age and compromising health factors according to the B.C. COVID-19 analysis based on delta variant data. There is still a large portion of the B.C. population if unvaccinated still register in the low to lower risk category compared to John Horgan.

Adrian Dix has started to panic and urging people to get the third shot and already pushing a fourth shot within 12 months from the first . While many people have started to learn their own risk profile, less than half of the B.C. population decided to get the third shot.

We will need to wait for the announcement if Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix are going to push unjustified restrictions again and vaccine mandates to “protect the healthcare system” or if they will finally get onboard with promoting healthy living such has diet and exercise to lower your risk.

On March 23, 2022 there was a debate over Canada’s federal mandates in which doctors have said for vaccination ‘it’s the individual’s decision’ based on current data. During the delta wave it became clear and common knowledge “mRNA vaccines had poor durability in their ability to prevent infection and transmission.”

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