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‘Gender Bender Day’: BC elementary school encourages kids to cross-dress for trans ‘day of affirmation’

A British Columbia K-7 elementary school recently hosted a “gender bender” day.

The school’s publicly available calendar shows they marked Dec 1, 2022 as “Gender bender day”. The Cedar Grove Elementary School located in B.C. school district 46 on Gibsons said kids should “dress outside their comfort zone” for what they say is “to support students, parents and staff, who identify as [trans etc..] and who’d appreciate a day of affirmation.”

The full details written in the calendar:

“Staff and students are encouraged to dress outside their comfort zone in support of our Trans, non-binary, 2-spirit and non-gender conforming community. ‘the day is designed to support students, parents and staff, who identify as such and who would greatly appreciate a day of affirmation.”

Editor of Quillette Jonathan Kay tweeted a screenshot of the event with the school’s name blackedout; however, in the comments, Marc Emery identified Cedar Grove Elementary School and suggested that the event was being held as a result of SOGI 123, the province-wide Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification curriculum.

BC Rise was able to confirm this was indeed Cedar Grove Elementary school by checking out their website, in the publicly available calendar it clearly says “gender bender day”.

The Arc Foundation started SOGI 123 in 2007, and it has since spread throughout BC’s educational system. The Arc Foundation recently got a sizable funding from the Trudeau government in order to expand the program on a national level, according to a recent report by Gender Dissent.

The Canadian public has embraced SOGI because, on the surface, it appears to be a anti-bullying program. According to the SOGI 123 website:

“SOGI stands for sexual orientation and gender identity. Since we all have a sexual orientation and gender identity, it includes all of us. Every student understands and expresses their gender differently, with interests and choices that are common or less common for their gender. Some students may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Others may identify specifically as lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, queer, two-spirit, transgender, cisgender, or other. A SOGI-inclusive school means all of these experiences and identities are embraced and never cause for discrimination.”

Earlier this year a school in Sooke B.C. was teaching grade one children that “gender is a spectrum,” and gender ideology terms.

BC Rise has reached out to Cedar Grove Elementary school for comment and ask a what inspired the school to host ‘gender bender day” at the school for and the decision process to introduce “gender bender day” to the school calendar but they did not respond.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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