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BC school taught Grade 1 kids that “gender is a spectrum”

Parents are raising concern after it was discovered a British Columbia elementary school put up a board teaching kids six and seven years old that “gender is a spectrum,” as well as gender ideology terms

In a now-deleted tweet but available to see on the way back machine, the Sooke School District (SD62) school board wrote that a “Grade 1 teacher champion at Ruth King Elementary along with fellow teacher” created the display for “the school lobby for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Be you + Be here + Belong = Be SD62”

The display board features words like “homosexual, transgender and bisexual.” including definitions. It also features a rain with the message, “gender is a spectrum.” 

“Since you are a member of humankind, we need you to respect, be kind, and include everyone! Unfortunately being kids is just not enough… We need you to be an ally!” the board states. “An ally is someone who will stand up for those who need it! If you are educated, you can help those who are phobic learn.” 

The school received backlash for the tweet which prompted them to delete it. They have since tweeted a statement that called for respectful interactions online.

“Our online spaces will always be safe for all members of our communities, but especially our students. We all share a digital responsibility to engage and interact respectfully online.”

However they didn’t mention what the non respectful dialogue was they are speaking of causing them to delete the original tweet..

Gender ideology in schools was brought before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in 2019 after a family filed a discrimination claim against an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board teacher for telling a 6-year-old student that “girls are not real, and boys are not real.”

Earlier this month a teacher at a different British Columbia school, that also teaches gender ideology allegedly sent 4-year-old children home with a masturbation homework assignment. The worksheet had one task on it for the kids to go home and ask their parents about the families rule for masturbation.

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