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Creston, B.C. elementary school students ‘mistakenly’ provided age inappropriate sex-ed booklet

On June 20 students in the Creston, B.C. elementary school showed up in class and one of the scheduled learning activities for the day brought in a local public health nurse to give a lesson on sexual health.

After public backlash the Kootenay Lake school district issued an apology in regards to a graphic sex education guide that was “mistakenly” provided to grade 6 and 7 students last week, according to Global News.

The material in question is a booklet called “safer sex guide,” which was published by the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) and distributed to students.

In the table of content is asserts that safer sex is “for everyone – no matter your age.” It also contains content on sexual acts and factual information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When it was first reported by Global News the booklet was available on the CATIE website but now displays a 404 page not found error. However it is still available for download from the Internet Archive.

The section on sexual activity covers the names of sexual acts and their slang words.

  • Fingering & Hand jobs (fingerjob, fingerfucking, mutual masturbation)
  • Getting Cunnilingus (oral sex, licking pussy, eating out, going down)
  • Giving Cunnilingus (oral sex, licking pussy, eating out, going down)
  • Getting Fellatio (oral sex, blow job, getting head, headjob, blowing, going down)
  • Giving Fellatio (oral sex, blow job, giving head, headjob, blowing, going down)
  • Giving & Getting Anilingus (rimming, eating ass, eating out)
  • Penis–vagina intercourse (fucking) insertive & receptive
  • Penis–anus intercourse (butt fucking, anal sex) insertive & receptive or bottoming & topping
  • Scatophilia (shit play, scat):
  • Urolagnia (urinating, golden showers, watersports):
  • Fisting

It also mentions some hardcore fetishes: “Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) and sex where blood might be present” and advises against sharing toys or equipment with any play “that involves piercing, cutting or branding.”

“If you inject drugs, avoid sharing any equipment, including syringes, filters, cookers, acidifiers, alcohol swabs, tourniquets and water. Try to use new equipment each time.” it says in the “Using drugs while having sex” section. It also advises against sharing crystal meth pipes and straws for snorting.

Tertina Sandre is a parent of a grade 6 boy at the school and was shocked when he son brought a copy home.

“He said, ‘mom, look, they are teaching us about finger f****** at school and I was just like, ‘pardon me?’ and I confiscated the book,’” she told Global News.

Kayla Benson with the Creston public health unit claims she didn’t “completely review” the booklet before it was distributed.

On page 2 of the document which is labeled page 3 of booklet there is a picture of a parrot and in the corner it says “This guide contains sexually explicit information. It is meant for mature audiences”

“Upon review, it was evident that there was some explicit language and content used that may not be appropriate for this age group,” she told Global News. also citing Superintendent Christine Perkins’s statement that the booklet from CATIE was not age-appropriate.

“Going forward, a more thorough vetting process will be ensured for all third party resources being provided to students in all of our School District 8 classrooms,” she said in the letter.

“In addition, the District School Psychologist is composing a letter to the staff at Catie.ca with some recommendations for clarifying the appropriate audience of their materials before they are downloaded or accessed.”

Mixed reactions have been shared online but they all appeared to agree while the information was factual it was not age appropriate.

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