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WATCH: E-bike stolen at knife point in Vancouver, B.C

A video has surfaced online of a brazen armed robbery in the middle of the day.

The Vancouver Police said the incident took place on June 11, 2023. Officers were dispatched to Cambie Street and West 7 Avenue around 1:50 pm to respond to a report of a theft in progress.

The suspect was witnessed cutting the lock off an E-bike that was locked to a bike rack.

The video shows a man with black hair and black facial hair, possibly a junkie, in a tug of war match with two other individuals. During the tug of war match the individual is seen swinging what appears to be a pair of plyers at the face of an individual that was trying to help the bike owner get their bike back.

The individual filming the incident in the video snuck up behind the violent suspect and snatched the plyers from his hand. The suspect is then seen running at the videographer before pull what was alleged to be a knife aggressively advancing on the individuals.

“Several passersby confronted the suspect, who allegedly brandished a knife. The suspect fled with the bike and has not been identified. Our investigation is ongoing.” Constable Tania Visintin said in an email to BC Rise.

Constable Visintin said the investigation is ongoing

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