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BC Conservative Party sees massive surge in popularity

The political atmosphere in British Columbia is getting a shake up.

All provincial party leaders are seen with negative opinions but also showed massive gains in support for the BC Conservative Party compared to the other parties.

According to a new poll, if there was a vote today the BC NDP would win but it also reveals British Columbians know very little about the political parties battling to govern the province.

The report also clearly notes in its questions to respondents the BC United party recently change its name from the BC Liberals to BC United so branding can’t be blamed for any slump in numbers for BC United.

Premier David Eby is currently enjoying the highest approval rating of 46% down from 49% in January of this year. The BC Greens leader Furstenau holds on to a 30% approval rating the same as 6 months ago. With a similar approval rating to Furstenau, BC United leader Kevin Falcon received a 28% rating which is down from 31% six months ago.

MLA John Rustad and BC Conservative Party leader gained an upward spike of approval hitting 17% up from no maker in January.

The report reveals most British Columbians are uninformed voters. The majority of British Columbians are aware of the party leaders but the majority are also unfamiliar with the leaders work for their party.

Considering the Premier gets a lot of media air time the repot shows that British Columbians are obviously more aware of Premier David Eby at 86% with only half (53%) that are familiar with him compared to other party leaders.

Voters awareness of the leaders for the BC United and BC Greens are similar, 79% are aware of Kevin Falcon and 39% familiar while 75% are aware of Furstenau and 25% familiar.

MLA John Rustad “is clearly the least well known” said the report with 53% being aware of him and only 12% familiar. However Rustad was just named the acclaimed leader of the BC Conservative Party nearly 4 months ago.

The only party showing gains in this poll is the BC Conservative party.

If there was an election tomorrow, 44% intend to vote BC NDP down from 47% in January, 27% for BC United down form 28%, 16% intend to vote BC Conservative up from 12% and 11% for the BC Green party, up from 10%.

BC United appears to be more popular with the men than it does with women while BC Conservatives, BC NDP and BC Greens are more popular with the women.

The poll was done between June 30-July 4, 2023 and including 1000 participants. “The data was statistically weighted according to Canadian Census figures for age, gender and region within the Province” reads the mythology of the report.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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