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Port Coquitlam makes illicit drug use illegal in parks and playgrounds

Earlier this year the federal government gave British Columbia a green light to officially decriminalize illicit drugs.

Following the decriminalization concerned citizens and parents from around the province have been applying pressure to the BC NDP and unelected Premier David Eby to impose a province wide ban of drug use where kids and families congregate.

With no action from the provincial government several cities began dicussing their own solutions and creating bylaws specifically banning illicit drugs uses from playgrounds, parks, beaches etc…

On Tuesday, Port Coquitlam city Council announced it will be strengthening its bylaws agaist open public illicit drugs use to protect the community from unintended consequences and harm.

“We did so because the reality on the ground demanded it.” Said Brad West the Mayor of Port Coquitlam.

“Addressing the opioid epidemic requires many actions to be taken, many supports to be in place and there’s a lot that needs to be done – but the current inadequacy of those, shouldn’t be a green light to deadly drugs in parks, playgrounds.”

Mayor Brad West said there was no law for police to deal with illicit drug use in these public areas acknowledging the BC NDP Provincial government claims it will address the issue after summer, but the city needed to act now to protect the public.

The BC Conservative Party Leader and MLA John Rustad expressed his support for Port Coquitlam Council and its Mayor for the decision to prohibit licit drugs use were the general public gather.

“Thank you @BradWestPoCo for fighting back against the woke myth of safe supply & protecting everyday people from being harrassed by people who are high on powerful illicit drugs. The Conservative Party of BC will restore public safety & ban drug use in ALL public places.” Tweeted MLA John Rustad

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