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Communist party of Canada counter protest against freedom in Ottawa

In response to the trucker freedom convoy protest that demonstrated in the city for more than three weeks last month, a roughly three-kilometer’ so called solidarity march’ took place in Ottawa Saturday afternoon.

The rally was organized by PSAC National Capital Region and Horizon Ottawa which is a supporter of The Communist Party of Canada. They invited Ottawa locals to march with them in opposition to the city’s so-called “dangerous far-right occupation” of the downtown core.

The PSAC anti-freedom march was in response to the freedom Convoy protest took place from Jan. 28 to Feb.19. The Freedom Convoy protest was a large event and drew in hundreds of thousands of supporters from all types of Canadians from all walks of life, sex, gender, political views, race and much more to demonstrate at parliament hill. It was the largest and most inclusive protest Canada has ever seen.

In a glimmer of delusion and misinformation falsely claiming the freedom convoy was pro hate and far right wing the PSAC released a statement on their website that read.

“The convoy is finally being pushed out of downtown Ottawa, but the far right continues to threaten our safety, security and dignity, and we have seen firsthand the authorities’ role in enabling this threat. Let’s continue to come together to say no to hate and yes to community care and solidarity,”

“In the last weeks, residents across the city have undertaken inspiring actions to oppose the far right occupation of Ottawa, from marches to blockades to putting up posters and banging pots and pans. This collective experience will help us build a movement rooted in solidarity and inclusion that can counter the far right.”

During the so-called “counter protest” there was a lot of Communist flags and not a single Canada flag in sight.

The PSAC and Communist party of Canada cloak themselves with so-called tolerance and fighting against the so-called “far right” it is quite clear their protest is anything but that.

Alexa from Rebel News was boots on the ground on the scene trying to ask questions while the group was being hostile to her.

One so-called counter protester made it very clear he doesn’t respect other peoples freedom of expression or political beliefs.

“Ya well, fuck them. They have enemies for life now, everyone of them. If they ever come back and brag they were part of this convoy. They have enemies for life “

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