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As of right now the vaccine passport mandate is lifted in B.C.

About time BC vaccine passport mandate is lifted.

The useless illogical vaccine passport mandate has been lifted, unvaccinated and presumed unvaccinated people are no longer banned from restaurants, movie theatres, indoor concert and sports venues, and anywhere else the provincial vaccine card was required.

However, Henry said it’s still up to individual businesses to decide whether they want to keep discriminating and segregating their customers and community, like mask rules or a vaccine-card requirement.

Vaccination rules for those staying in post-secondary residences will also be removed essentially unbanning unvaccinated students.

Unfortunately the BC Vaccine app will not be suspended or deleted from all servers.

Even so, Henry said some measure are “no longer necessary all the time,” including the vaccine card, which she said “was very effective at supporting people to get vaccinated.” but does absolutely nothing to prevent “stop” transmission and infection.

Segregation and discrimination still exist at the federal level and proof of immunization will still be required for federally regulated travel, like on airplanes and trains.

The unvaccinated Canadians are still banned from traveling within their home country. They’re also still prisoners in their own country because they can’t even leave the country to a destination that doesn’t require vaccine passports.

Healthcare workers are still required to be vaccinated to work. However Bonnie Henry then said she was collecting vaccine status of healthcare workers from 18 different colleges.

She said the purpose of the list of healthcare providers (not working in acute care or long term care) is to help patients decide which healthcare provider they want to see.

Bonnie Henry the claims covid hospitalizations and deaths will be moving to a “new way” of tracking.

Instead of just looking at the Covid cases and automatically assuming all the people tracked under the hospitalizations numbers are in hospital because of Covid.

The “new way” is a census method where all people that test positive are counted even if they are asymptomatic or in the hospital for something else not related to Covid.

Just like it has been since day 1, half of the Covid-19 hospitalization numbers are people that registered with a incidental Covid test, meaning they are in hospital for something that doesn’t have to do with Covid “so it’s not because of covid they’re in hospital”

It is worth to note the reporting Bonnie Henry has never released data splitting the 2 groups apart and only briefly mentioning health officials released misleading information and the hospitalization numbers are actually 50% incidental.

“We continue to see a very low death rate”

Taking a look at the hospitalization rate graph we can see “it is our elders and seniors who are more likely to have severe illness and end up in hospital” said Bonnie adding “younger people are less likely to end up in hospital”.

Booster doses are available for seniors starting this spring. Bonnie said they will be providing it to residents of long term care, of any age and assisted living as well as seniors in the community 70 years or older.

The government is moving to a “new way” of counting Covid deaths, they will be looking at a “all cause mortality”, counting all deaths as a Covid death if they had a positive Covid test even if the death wasn’t because of Covid. So “that means we will be over counting people early on” because it takes several days for the data to link from lab tests to vital statistics.

Bonnie didn’t say how they will release the numbers of incidental deaths when they get the real count, not a falsely padded higher count. So at this time we can slash all the numbers in half and call that the real count for now.

With the lifting of the vaccine card mandate in B.C., municipalities that decided to require proof of vaccination for their employees have also started to be lifted. Victoria including a couple others in the surrounding area of the Island suspended their vaccine mandates for employees and Kamloops in the Thompson–Nicola region suspended their vaccine requirement for employees.

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