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Singh says Trudeau is not a “real leader”, then props him up

Singh supports what he calls not a “real leader” Trudeau

It was just 24 hours before Singh propped up the Liberals 2022 federal budget avoiding a confidence vote on the Trudeau government, Jagmeet Singh leader of Canadas far left party NDP slammed Justin Trudeau on social media saying he’s not a “real leader”

On Wednesday Jagmeet Singh complained about Trudeau’s alleged inaction on “climate” sharing an article about “climate disaster” and investing in pipelines and providing subsidized to energy projects.

The very next day Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland presented the budget to the House of Commons on Thursday.

The first teat to the NDP-Liberal “not a coalition”. Singh cheerleads and confirmed the NDP will support the spending program.

“The budget reflects the priorities that we laid out and the agreement that we have,” Singh told reporters. “It has really important things that are going to make a big difference in people’s lives. The expansion of our public healthcare system with a dental care program is going to be life changing for a lot of Canadians.” 

Singh said the environmental measures included in the budget were “sufficient” for him to continue to prop up the Liberals, contradicting his own outburst a day earlier.

“We still have critiques that we will continue to pose on the approach to the environment but it is sufficient for our support to continue,” said Singh.

Last month the liberals and the NDP reached a relationship agreement dubbed a “confidence and supply agreement” that could potentially let Trudeau rule Canada until 2025 desite his minority government .

In 2021 speculation about a Liberal-NDP coalition was criticized and largely dismissed by legacy media after former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole called out the idea.

“First, there is no Liberal-NDP coalition. O’Toole may wish for one, but there is no evidence a formal arrangement — such as what we saw in 2008 — is being contemplated,” wrote Toronto Star columnist Althia Raj. 

“So while both parties are willing to talk, what those talks lead to will be very different than the coalition bogeyman O’Toole is painting for Canadians.”

The $56 billion spending spree included a dental plan for children from low-income families that was a condition of the NDP’s “not a coalition” support.

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