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Possible deportation for 40 Punjabi youths that ‘intimidated’ a police officer in Strawberry Hill Plaza

On September 11, around 9pm Surrey RCMP received a call that there was about hooligan 40 Punjabi youths in Strawberry Hill Plaza.

Constable Sarbjit Sangha described how a group of 40 Punjabi teenagers engaged in lawlessness after a police officer gave a “notice of order” to a driver of a car who had been driving around Strawberry Hill Plaza on 72nd Avenue for three hours while playing loud music along with unnecessarily driving around the parking lot with a loud and disruptive exhaust system causing a disturbance which is against the law.

While Punbajis have contributed a lot to the Canadian economy and development that doesn’t give them the rights to break the law and create a bad name for the rest of the Punjabi community said Constable Sarbjit Sangha, especially not to intimidate an officer responding to a call.

The report was called in by a private security company for Strawberry Hill Plaza, which is private property. When the officer arrived and located the vehicle he asked the driver to stop.

The notice in order was issued to the driver to fix illegal modifications that make the vehicle extremely loud and report back for inspection.

The officer is seen on video calmly asking “Can you guys just pack it up and leave?”, in response, by the sounds of the audio it is the one filming, starts to demand the police officers badge number.

When the officer got in his vehicle to leave the one of the men (sounds like the one recording) says “Get the F*ck out of here” as if he owns Strawberry Hill Plaza.

The group started calling the officer a bully. when the police officer was backing up his vehicle one of the men ran over and tried get in the officers vehicle while he was trying to leave the area.

One video on Instagram looks to be the original video and taken from TikTok from a user named @13fob (now deleted TikTok account). They slammed what appears to be defamatory slurs on the top of the video “Bully racist cop of Surrey” and labels what appears to be the officers name [blacked out in this screen capture]. At the bottom of the video it claims “Never ever think that international students don’t know their rights”.

The video was reposted to Instagram by two users, onlypindsurrey and surreypindmitranda. The user onlypindsurrey left a comment saying “Bullying & Writing ticket for no reasons , asking car guys to leave strawberry hill parking which is private property”.

There is specific sections in the Motor Vehicle Act that addresses “loud and unnecessary” noise from vehicles.

A police officer may give you a Notice of Inspection if they suspect that your engine or exhaust does not adhere to the MVAR. You must comply with this within 30 days by having your car inspected at an authorised inspection station.

The inspector will test the sound pressure thresholds for your class of vehicle to see if the vehicle violates the Act.

As for private property, it means they can be kicked off if the property owners or representatives do not want them there because they are causing a disturbance.

In another video when the officer finally gets to drive away one of the men filming that ran to get in front of the moving vehicle begins to claim victim “He hit me. He hit me” the man is heard shouting.

“The behaviours exhibited in this video by the group of males is unacceptable and impeding a police officer from their duties can result in criminal charges.” police wrote in a news release.

“Surrey RCMP continues to work closely with the complex owners and on-site security to address ongoing nuisance behaviours which have caused residents, businesses and families in our community to express that they feel unsafe attending the location. Some of the ongoing concerns expressed include large gatherings, fights, vehicle stunting and other nuisance behaviour.”

Sangha stated that although investigations are ongoing, no one has been arrested as of yet. She stated that they were working to identify the youth.  Regarding deportation, she stated that no one has been deported as of yet, but the possibility has not been ruled out.

“The video recording shows about 40 youths, mostly students and visitors, who are being investigated into and can face deportation,” she said.

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