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Wildfires destroy 90,000 hectares of B.C forest while protesters hold signs to “save” trees.

Wildfires destroy 90,000 hectares of B.C forest while protesters hold signs to “save” trees.

As the early summer hot and dry weather sets a scene for wildfire breakouts in B.C, there has currently been 90,000 hectares of forest, backcountry, homes and towns burned to the ground.

Fire crews are out in the blaze 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to bring all 301 wildfires under control, but there’s just one problem. We don’t have enough crews and equipment to fight all these fires or volunteers to help.

Meanwhile we still have protesters in B.C. lining & blocking roads trying to “save” trees. If these protesters wanted to save a tree so bad, why don’t they get trained to fight forest wild fires or provide any other help needed? They can save more trees this way.

If you want to help please contact B.C. Wildfire Services to see how you can help. Stay away from all fire zones unless you have been approved to be there and keep all drone activity grounded.

BC wildfire services

On to the drone hobbyist.
We understand you want to get some amazing footage of fires for your social media profiles. But your disregard for the safety of the water bomber pilots and smoke jumpers is pure ignorance. Stop being an idiot and land your drones. Flying in these fire zones prevents the crews from doing their jobs because of extra added safety concerns.

Another ask is for people out in the Backcountry using bodies of water, please make sure you give lots of room for the water bombers and helicopters to refill with water. If they can’t get that water your outdoors trip might end due to shifting winds and no water access for the planes and helicopters.

Current Wildfire Activity


Fire Bans and Restrictions


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