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The party needs to become “less woke” say Liberal MPs

As the Liberals will now compete with a new Conservative Party led by Pierre Poilievre, some Liberal MPs say that the Liberal Party needs to become “less woke.”

Some MPs reportedly told Radio-Canada under anonymity that the party needs to refocus and centre itself. Before the Liberals’ caucus meeting in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, the remarks were made.

Some Liberals believe that economic issues, such as the cost of living and labour shortages, should be prioritised by the government.

“We need to reframe the message. We need to have both hands on the wheel when it comes to the economy. We dropped the ball on this,” said one MP, anonymously. 

“You have to go back to the basics, to a more direct link with the people,” another MP said.

Earlier on Monday, Poilievre again went after Trudeau, issuing a challenge to the prime minister, saying that if he really cares about Canadians, he should commit to no new tax increases on workers and on seniors. 

“To the prime minister and to his radical woke coalition with the NDP… We as Conservatives are always happy to work with any party to collaborate and extend and advance the interests of Canadians. We are. But there will be no compromise on this point. Conservatives will not support any new tax increases and we will fight tooth and nail to stop the coalition from introducing any,” said Poilievre.

Some Liberal MPs said the terrible experiences Canadians are having at the passport offices has been damaging to the Liberal image. “It hurt us. It could have been avoided,” said one MP, who didn’t want to be named.

The Liberals’ policies have been steady trending further left over past few years, and the Trudeau government striking a “not a coalition” confidence-and-supply agreement with the NDP which changes the NDP in the the Liberal kickstand propping up the Trudeau government until 2025, if dental care program for middle and low-income Canadians is launched.

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