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Poilievre slams Trudeau for tax gouging Canadians

New Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre railed against the Trudeau government calling for an immediate freeze on any new taxes to help Canada’s ailing working class and seniors.

During Poilievre’s first time addressing the Conservative caucus since Saturdays decisive leadership leadership victory.

Poilievre called any new taxes “reckless for Canada’s economy’s future” and promised to advocate for greater accountability from the federal government.

“It is not only reckless for the future, but it is too expensive for the present to continue to pile on these debts.  So that is why Conservatives offer practical solutions, like requiring the government follow the same rules families follow in their household budgets.”

Poilievre talked about Canadians struggling to eat, saying that there are people “who can’t afford to pay for their kid’s food,” adding that “4 in 5 Canadians have cut their diets in order to deal with the 10 percent year-over-year increase in food prices.”

Home ownership has been pushed out of reach for most Canadians.

“We have countless young adults still living in their parents basements, stuck in small apartments”

“It’s our job to transform that hurt into hope. And that is my mission,” said Poilievre. 

Poilievre criticized Justin Trudeaus out of control spending and his plans to raise payroll taxes on January 1.

He also criticized the Trudeau governments plan of tripling the carbon tax. “It did not work, it did not hit the emission reduction targets, and now he has to triple it to do so. That means higher gas, higher home heating, higher grocery prices for everyday working-class Canadians.”

The carbon tax could be described as a tax increase on everything for all Canadians in day to day life.

Pierre issues a challenge to Justin Trudeau

“If you understand that people can’t gas their cars, feed their families, or afford homes for themselves, if you really care, commit today, that their will be no new tax increases on workers and on seniors,” Poilievre said.

“To the prime minister and to his radical woke coalition with the NDP… We as Conservatives are always happy to work with any party to collaborate and extend and advance the interests of Canadians. We are. But there will be no compromise on this point; Conservatives will not support any new tax increases and we will fight tooth and nail to stop the coalition from introducing any.”

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