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“pro-freedom” BC MLA Rustad running for BC Conservative leadership

It’s now official, Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad MLA has entered his name into the BC Conservative leadership race.

Earlier this month Trevor Bolin announced he is stepping down as leader of the Conervative party of BC to spend more time with family, the party then appointed him as the interim leader until a leader.

MLA John Rustad who has been an elected MLA since 2005 and the only sitting BC Conservative in a decade since John van Dongen in 2012. Rustad was booted from the BC Liberals about seven months ago for not parroting the party line in regards to emissions and climate change and sat as an independent before he joined the BC Conservatives.

According to Rustad’s analysis, the current BC government is refusing to listen to British Columbians while criticizing his former party, the “so-called official opposition party refuses to oppose”.

“Our province needs a new option with genuine, principled leadership,” said Rustad in a Thursday statement.

“British Columbians deserve a party that’s going to fight for British Columbia — not just for its own party insiders and elites. We all deserve a political party that is honest, open, and behaves with integrity.”

The Nechako Lakes MLA made the point of needing to be “straight up” with British Columbians during conversations instead of playing political games and he won’t “check which way the wind is blowing” before making a decision

Additionally, Rustad says he is the only MLA from British Columbia to have officially backed the “freedom movement.” Rustad, who describes himself as “pro-freedom and pro-trucker,” reaffirmed his goal to repeal the COVID-19 mandates that are still in effect and to rehire healthcare workers on Thursday.

Rustad presented a petition in the legislature as an independent calling on the BC government to repeal Bill 36, which was approved in November of last year amidst intense controversy.

Bill 36 aims to completely rip apart Health Professions and Occupations Act and rebuild it which would consolidate healthcare-related colleges ultimately changing how colleges function and regulate their professions.

“The time for wishy-washy, weak leadership is over. We need to fight for BC,” said Rustad.

“We need to fight for affordability for families; for good paying jobs so British Columbians can work hard and get ahead; for parent’s rights to teach their children their family values; for our fundamental freedoms to travel, work, attend faith services and live life unimpeded.”

A couple weeks ago, Rustad also pushed forward a motion in the BC Legislature to spark debates in regards to climate change policy and unintended consequences that will impact British Columbians. He also expressed the need to end subsidies for “blood batteries” and the privilege of driving in HOV lanes without passengers to people that can afford to buy expensive electric vehicles.

On March 6, 2023, BC Rise reported Rustad pushing for a tax referendum and demands the BC government to ask British Columbians for permission to increase taxes and create new ones. Rustad is exploring the idea of a “direct democracy” tool for residents to have more say in the provincial expenses and looking forward to British Columbians reaching out with their tax concerns.

Visit John Rustad’s website for more information and contact details if you wish to reach out to him.

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