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BC Government is looking for feedback about Cannabis consumption spaces, lounges and cafes

The Province is considering whether to allow cannabis consumption spaces and, if so, how they should be regulated. Your input will help inform that decision.

Survey time frame is April 6 to May 9, 2022. To take part in the cannabis consumption survey it can be accessed from the BC Government website here

The province is looking for feedback about cannabis consumption spaces and how to regulate them.

 For clarity, the Province is not considering new restrictions on how and where cannabis can be used in public space.

Some stakeholders have suggested a range of possible consumption spaces. The current suggestions are retail experience, special events, cannabis lounge and other.

According to the bc government

Retail experience

  • A paid sampling experience during a tour of a cannabis farm.
  • A designated area for patrons to use after purchase at a retail store.

Special events

  • A ticketed event with tastings.
  • A class on cooking with cannabis extracts.
  • A “cannabis garden” at a music festival or country fair

Cannabis lounge

  • Offering edibles, beverages, and extracts with full or limited food service (no alcohol).
  • Sale and use at an entertainment venue (e.g., music or comedy).


  • A restaurant serving both alcohol and cannabis beverages.
  • Spa or registered massage therapist using cannabis topicals.

If the province decides to all consumption spaces they will still enforce the regulation of no smoking in indoor spaces.

The Province hopes the consumption space will help encourage customer to purchase regulated cannabis products.

Theplan is to slowly phase in cannabis consumption spaces. It will help “regulators to learn about consumption spaces and use these experiences to inform decisions about whether or how to license other spaces.” The province wrote in their plans.

They would like to start with where cannabis is already being used, such as by allowing licensed sales at music festivals.

The province writes “Special events could be used to trial different consumption spaces and learn about their impacts”

They’re also looking for input from indigenous nations in the province for consumption spaces on their lands as well.

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