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Concerned dad demands a Conservative leadership candidate answers for medical gender transition of minors

“I’m here representing thousands of parents whose children in the school system and by social media have come to believe in this pseudo scientific nonsense that there is such a thing as a child born in the wrong body,” said Elston.

One concerned father spoke out about Bill C-4, which prohibits conversion therapy for both sexuality and gender at a recent campaign event for Conservative Party leader candidate Leslyn Lewis.

Traveiling all across North America, Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris has been having one on one conversations with people

Chris says politicians have refused to listen so he has turned to traveling across North America insisting having one on one conversations with people regarding gender ideology was necessary.

“I’m here representing thousands of parents whose children in the school system and by social media have come to believe in this pseudo-scientific nonsense that there is such a thing as a child born in the wrong body,” said Elston, speaking in a Q&A portion of the event.

Elston noted that amongst girls in particular, “we’ve had an explosion, around 4,000 percent increase of girls who now identify as boys, and they go to the gender clinics of these children’s hospitals. And the practice is to simply affirm them only.”

“They are given drugs which stopped their bodies going into puberty. They are then given opposite sex’s hormones. These puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones together are literally sterilizing children. Prolonged usage of testosterone causes vaginal and uterine atrophy, and these girls and these young ladies have to get their uterus removed with hysterectomies. They’re getting oophorectomy as well which removes their ovaries, so they’ll never be able to produce estrogen again in their life,” he said.

Elston continued to talk about Bill C-4 that was unanimously pass in the house of Commons and enacted on January 7, 2022, and pertains to conversion therapy.

“Now, under this government they just passed the bill called Bill C-4. Conversion Therapy. Sounds great. We all agree — pretty much we all agree that we shouldn’t be trying to change someone’s sexual orientation, which is half of the component of this bill,” said Elston.

“But the real reason this bill was produced was for the gender identity component, and they have now made it a criminal offense, so that any parent, any faith leader, any counseling, just for helping their child to feel comfortable birth sex, they can now be charged with conversion therapy,” he continued.

“It’s totally fine to take a young girl in school and convince her that maybe she’s really a boy, just because she is a tomboy and she enjoys what we would traditionally consider more male stereotypes,” Elston said. “But I’ve got news for the whole world, tomboys are not actual boys. Right? There are girls, and there are boys, and there is no right way to be a girl or a boy.”

Elston insisted the Conservative Party is “neglecting their duty to protect our children.”

“We have the largest child abuse medical scandal going on in modern history where thousands of kids are getting sterilized, not one conservative has been willing to speak out against this issue,” he said.

Elston said that he is certain that this is a “winning issue” for conservatives “if they simply take the courage, learn how to message on this issue, and say enough is enough. We are harming kids.”

Asking Lewis directly, Elston questioned: “So what are you going to do about Bill C-4? Are you going to repeal it? Are you going to amend it?”

Lewis said she has had conversations with with parents of transgender children , adding that “we need to be there for those parents,” and that “we need to make sure we are compassionate.”

“And many of those parents have said to me that they believe that transitioning is an adult decision and they want to be able to work with their child so that their child when they are at an age of maturity, they can make that decision,” Lewis said.

In regards to Bill C-4 specifically , Lewis said she takes her job “very seriously,” and said that one of the bill’s “failings” is that “we did not go through the legislation.”

She also mentioned concern expressed by faith leaders in which they said the bill could inadvertently target them, and they need to review the bill to make sure it does not inadvertently penalize parents and does not inadvertently penalize pastors.”

Elston was direct with Lewis saying her response “not an answer,” the two argued back and forth before Elston was escorted from the room.

“I like Dr. Leslyn Lewis. I’m just not going to stand for half measures, vague answers, and silence from the entire Conservative Party.” Elston began his thread of Tweets posting the videos.

Later in the thread, Elston posted a response from one of the event’s attendees that said: “As a physician who shares your concerns with regards to transgender therapy in teens, I admired your passion at the Leslyn Lewis event tonight. You left before I could thank you.”

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