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BC Conservative party announced Surrey South candidate

A fourth Candidate has emerged for the MLA seat in South Surrey.

Harman Bhangu is a proud first generation Canadian who was born in Surrey Memorial Hospital “to an immigrant family who sacrificed their past lives for the liberty and freedoms of our great nation.” it reads on his bio page for the BC Conservatives.

“I’m running to be the next MLA for Surrey South because I am tired of the NDP’s harmful policies. I am tired of feeling a sense of anxiety every time I pull up to the pump and being penalized with a carbon tax, and I know I am not alone, “Bhangu said in a news release.

“I am tired of putting my family through a deteriorating healthcare system that works for nobody. Above everything, I am tired of politicians who promise to bring in change but are actually no different from the other guy.”

According to Harman’s write up it says because of his professional life he understands how the governments gouging with tax and wasteful spending has made it increasingly more difficult for everyone to survive and afford everyday necessities.

“This beautiful city needs a representative who understands the unique issues and needs of its residents while fighting to bring back common sense to British Columbia.”

On the BC Conservative party news release Harman is listed as a small business owner working 15 years in “heavy-load trucking where he handles operations and bidding for contracts as an aggregate hauler.”

“Surrey South deserves better than what is offered. The Bhangu family knows how difficult it is to find accessible healthcare, revealing how severely the system is failing. If elected, fixing the holes in the healthcare system is a top priority. Secondly, filling up a tank of gas shouldn’t require taking out a loan. Canadian energy is the backbone of our nation and should be attainable and affordable for the average Canadian.”

Harman currently plays a role in the community where he coaches minor league football “Sports have taught Bhangu the importance of teamwork. In the same way he helps his team win, he is fighting for you in Surrey South.”

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