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BC Conservative candidate Karin Litzcke demands an end to “male intrusion into girls’ and women’s” spaces and sports

The first women in B.C. politics is taking a stand and fighting against what critics call a hijacking of womens sex based rights and women-only spaces.

Recently there has been a surge of calls from womens rights groups and more for the government to take women seriously and protect womens spaces from men following concerning sexual predictor incidents of men that self identify as women preying on vulnerable girls.

There is also an immense growing public pressure to ban man from completing in womens sports because of womens podiums being taken over by biological men and womens records smashed to bits by biological men.

On Thursday Conservative Party of British Columbia candidate for MLA in Vancouver Karin Litzcke, called for a ban on biological men participating in womens and girls’ competitive sports.

Litzcke says women and girls deserve to have their own spaces and believes women and girls deserve to be able to play a fair game against other women and not “compete against men who have biological advantages.”

“It is time to put the issue of male intrusion into girls’ and women’s organized sports on the front burner in” Litzcke Tweeted on Thursday.

“As a former athlete – field hockey player in high school competitive swimmer, and also someone who helped build women’s bicycle racing in Canada – I understand that not only does sport extend off the field, into changing rooms and travel arrangements, but also, the performance differences between men and women, or boys and girls, are undeniable. Fair and safe sport for women is simply not possible if men are completing.” Litzcke wrote in a statement

Rustad fully supports Litzcke and says it’s just common sense that men competing in womens sports is unfair and he will be taking action on the issue when the Legislature re-opens.

Litzcke concluded that she is looking forward to other MLAs to take a stand for womens rights and support Rustad with a ban on biological men competing in womens and girls sports.

“Women and girls shouldn’t have to compete with men in physical sports. This is just common sense — it’s dangerous and unfair. Would you want your daughter, granddaughter, or niece competing in physical sports against men?” Rustad retweeted Litzcke to support her.

Karin Litzcke is running for MLA in the June 24 by election in the Vancouver riding Vancouver as a candidate for the BC Conservative party.

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