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Opinion: The media is surprised Canada is divided after nearly two years of encouraging unhinged rage and hate towards millions of Canadians

Bruce Arthur a columnist for the TorStar wants everyone to know he is against threats towards journalists as he pats himself on the back calling himself and his media party circle “great journalists”

“Exactly. The people doing this are sad, hateful, and disgusting. The response should be collective support for the great people and journalists being targeted, and of the principles of true equality and the free press.”

Arthur was making reference to a series of tweets posted to Twitter from the Canadian Association of journalists claiming “enough is enough” and made a list of demands

“Enough is enough. Online hate against journalists must be addressed.

Today, the CAJ, @TorontoStar @TheHillTimes & @globalnews sent a list of demands to
@TorontoPolice, @OttawaPolice & @rcmpgrcpolice
4 federal ministers & Ontario’s attorney general
Here’s what we want🧵 “

The letter claims journalists are being targeted while the so-called threats use the “same language” used by so-called “domestic extremist”.

TorStar was quick to chime in on the matter with an opinion peice where Donovan Vincent wrote about their experience in journalism when joining TorStar.

Donovan wrote when he join TorStar he noticed “change” in how the media corporation moved to hiring based on skin colour and gender ideology opposed to qualifications and quality and it was a good thing.

While the internet and social media enabled free speech and the ability for more voices and view points to be heard. Donovan blames the internet and social media for so-called “hate” being directed at them.

“That brings us to the present, where a rise in hate — fuelled in part by political polarization, divisions over mask mandates and vaccines, economic and employment shifts and other factors” Donovan wrote.

Donovan references the letter [by CAJ] that says incidents of online abuse was directed at the three women, one of South Asian background, one Black journalist and one white journalist. The claims there is an “organized ongoing hate campaign against Canadian journalists”.

The Criminal Code of Canada clearly sets out laws against hate speech, death threats and criminal harassment. People threating anyone not just journalists should be accountable for breaking the law and the police are already equipped for dealing with such crimes.

We also need to remember there is a difference between hate speech and speech you hate. Being told you need to retire is not hate speech, in fact that is an opinion protected under freedom of expression laws and the blanket use of the term “hate speech” is really getting tiresome.

The bizarre thing here is how TorStar is now trying to claim they are victims which is inane.

Here’s a flash back to how the TorStar has acted in the last 2 years.

Oh yes, indeed that is you TorStar.

In giant bold letters on the front page of their newspaper it says that “unvaccinated” Canadians should be left to die.

Talking about being hateful and divisive a comment even says Canadians should be medically segregated in a 2 tire society and “unvaccinated” should not be in the ICU when they become ill.

Bruce’s hate for “anti-vaxxers” can be seen in this 2019 post.

“I am all for empathy and understanding and anti-vaxxers belong in goddamn prison re-education camps” Bruce wrote.

But that’s not all. Bruce Arthur and André Picard columnist for the Globe and Mail really let it rip and showed their true colours with more.

“Just some of the rhetoric & hate journalists from the @TorontoStar tweeted over the past year towards unvaccinated Canadians, and there are plenty more.”

Calling Canadian’s “cancerous” and demanding to medically segregate certain people.l and put them in to “re-education camps”

Asking “what to do with them” in regards to so-called “anti-vaxxers” and claiming they have no rights to accommodations.

These are the so called tolerant journalists that belive they have more rights than you while pushing extreme hateful rhetoric on their front page. This is from the establishment media funded by our tax dollars.

This is how they truly act and what they believe, you can’t put the genies back in the bottle.

Now this doesn’t go without saying these are not justified threats of violence while some of the journalists had nothing to do with these headlines.

However the establishment media is unwilling to accept and admit they are in part to blame for sparking anger in Canada and turning it in to a divided country.

Legacy media made the choice to turn against their obligation of providing a public service. Instead the establishment media opted to regurgitate the liberal governments hateful rhetoric and stand with the authoritarian Liberals while attacking Canadians.

Instead of being a real media outlet and holding the government accountable they were the mouthpiece talking heads of the government and prodly demonized anyone the government wanted demonized.

The media was too willingly onboard for redirecting any discuss or anger about the government and rediredlct it towards “unvaccinated” Canadians and also rolling in vaccinated Canadians that disagree with mandates. The unvaccinated, presumed unvaccinated and vaccine mandate opposition became the scapegoat giving the illusion it was tolerated and “ok to hate” them.

The credibility of legacy media has been soiled from their own irresponsible actions and so-called “unbiased journalism” which millions of Canadians will never forget.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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