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Opinions: Get lost celebrities. Stop trying to interfere with Canada’s ethical oil and gas

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo sets sights on Canada’s gas and oil industry. Is his latest move in activism “environmental campaign” a way to help the world or terrible dictators like Vladimir Putin?

Ruffalo is again one of the front leaders and voice of some celebrities like Jane Fonda, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Stiller and the band The Lumineers and few others, trying to sabotage Canada’s oil and gas industry. Some may be good actors some not but all of them are talentless when it comes to global issues.

They are demanding Royal Bank to stop financing the Coastal Gaslink pipeline launching a campaign described as “No More Dirty Banks” and claim one Canada’s biggest banks is profitting from so called destroying the environment.

What they fail to understand is if we can’t bring Canada’s oil and gas to market the demand will be filled by other means in such as Russia, Venezuela and Saudia Arabia – or other countries with less environmental and ethical standards run by corrupt governments committing human right violations.

But they don’t care because their goal is just to harm Canada’s oil and gas industry and punish our natural resource sector. All the while using Canadian First Nations as ponds in their battle.

“For over a decade, the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs, members of the nation and their supporters have protested this pipeline — at significant risk to their own lives,” Ruffalo and the others state boldly in their open letter.

Right from the start we can see how little knowledge they have about the issue at hand. They fail to mention 16 First Nations out of 20 are partners in the Coastal Gaslink project and have ownership stakes.

“The groups that are publicizing this, that are the engine of the publicity are Stand Earth, West Coast Environmental Law and others that were at the helm of the Tar Sands campaign,” Vivian Krause said Thursday from Vancouver.

Krause was the first to break news and expose the 2008 Tar Sands campaign , which was involved with groups such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund with the well funded Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Tides Foundation.

According to CBC Krause said the whole plan was to landlock the Canadian oil and gas industry preventing it from making it to the coast to reach lucrative markerts.

But lets entertain the thought they are actually fighting for so called “climate change”. If Canada doesn’t sell its gas and oil it doesn’t remove the demand. The countries that need it will turn somewhere else to get the gas and oil.

The end result does nothing but hurt Canada, Canadians and the rest of the world. Hurts Canada and Canadians because it takes money, economic power and jobs away from Canada and forces the res of the world to rely on gas and oil from brutal dictators around the world like Vladimir Putin.

The push in to 100% renewable energy is costly and developing nations can’t afford it. With Canada’s gas and oil coming to market it will help phase developing nations away from coal and in to much cleaner Liquid Natural Gas.

Canada can use the power of the sale from the gas and oil industry to reinvest in more home grown methods of CO2 removal systems and more efficient hybrid energy grids. Then export the culture and be a leader in developing and selling the hybrid systems and technologies.

Of course we can’t expect to take these celebrities serious anyway considering they are quick to jump on their private jet to go accept awards. Going on vacation, yep private jet and how about them yacht parties. All of these activities that would be impossible without oil and gas.

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