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Opinion: Vaccine Passport for essential services in B.C. backed by hysterical “experts”

If you have never been to a cannabis store before it’s very much like shopping at the apple store. The retail space is wide open with ventilation and no walls to split the show room area. There is no aisles with tall shelves like the grocery store or stores at the mall. People shop at the cannabis store for multiple different reason and products.

Cannabis stores sell THC and CBD products ranging from dry flower to edible products. Many different people shop at these stores everyday from the recreational cannabis user to cancer patients and everyone in between for medical reasons such as insomnia or to manage pain or anxiety instead of using pharmaceutical drugs.

Shoppers usually take 5 to 10 minute from start to end. That is to enter the store, pick their product, pay for it and leave.

The liquor store I am sure everyone has been in before. If you haven’t though, to paint a picture for you, it’s just like a grocery store but with only alcohol.

Yesterday CTV Vancouver ran a story about a “expert” calling for B.C. to become fascist anti-science and follow suit with Quebec and their unethical and unconstitutional rules with the vaccine passport mandates.

In B.C. with out a vaccine passport you can get on a cramped bus or sky train standing and sitting next to other people with no ventilation, participate in escape rooms, access retail and clothing stores and many other situations that have more people around in close quarters. Bonnie Henry says it’s fine to just wear a mask to shop and walk pass people because it is low risk.

We were told when the vaccine passports came out they will not be required for using essential services. Liquor and cannabis stores were added to the essentials list in B.C.

“Under the new policy, proof of vaccination will not be required to access places providing essential services, such as grocery stores, transit, pharmacies and medical facilities.” reported by the Vancouver Sun here

The Government of B.C. clearly lists both liquor and cannabis stores as essential Essential Services – Gov.bc.ca

For examples of where you are not required to show a vaccine passport in B.C. you can visit the Government of B.C.’s web site here Examples of places that don’t require proof of vaccination

Starting today in Quebec, customers at government-run liquor and cannabis stores will have to show proof of vaccination to enter with no health reason, just in pure spite of the unvaccinated and the government wanting to exert authoritarian power over the population.

“I can see the rationale for these kinds of rules. It will remind the unvaccinated there are consequences to the decision they have made to remain unvaccinated, and hopefully will prompt them to consider asking their questions, getting vaccinated and being part of the solution,” said Conway.

“Conway says either way, vaccine passports work, and B.C. should consider adding government-run liquor and cannabis stores to its mandate.” reported by CTV Vancouver

If Conway can see a “rational” reason to require vaccine passports at essential services considering the passports do not reduce or stop the spread of COVID-19 it’s a complete lie, but he is passing it as mandates work to force people to get vaccinated or in his words “do the right thing”. Unjustified mandates are surly not the right thing to do.

Stephanie Smith makes a statement claiming employees of liquor and cannabis stores want a superficial false sense of safety and to require people to show a vaccine passport to enter the store. “For us, it is about the health and safety of our members and our workers,” said B.C. General Employees’ Union president Stephanie Smith.

Authoritarian measures and rule dictated down from healthcare and union officials appear to be getting worse inside Canada starting in Quebec, It has spread to Brian Conway with the Vancouver Infectious Disease Centre and  Stephanie Smith  B.C. General Employees’ Union president.

The arguments they push forward to promote the requirement makes no sense. while Conway’s goal is just force people to get vaccinated Stephane claims it is for safety. First off for Conway, putting in restrictions for the sole purpose of forcing people to get vaccinated with no health and safety justified reason to put in the more strict measures is clearly a power grab. As for Stephanie Smith the claim of safety for the workers is delusional superficial worry

Science and real world data have proven the only thing the vaccine is doing is reducing symptoms and possibly the severity of the disease for the person that got the vaccine. Someone else’s vaccine status doesn’t put you at more or less risk of catching the disease from them based solely on a vaccine status because the vaccine status doesn’t say if you are infected or infectious. There was no RFID chips injected in to people’s bodies to scan body fluids for covid infections.

While the crumbling narrative is forcing the governments to switch up tactics and exposing who the fascist health care workers are, the movement is no longer about health or safety, its all about taking away the fundamental rights to body autonomy and forcing other people to put things in their body they don’t want, “get vaccinated” with the covid-19 vaccine.

As citizens we need to draw the line here and tell the government and healthcare officials to do the right thing and leave other people alone. The vaccine doesn’t stop or prevent infection or transmission as common knowledge showed us with Omicron, therefore rendering the vaccine passports useless. Everyone wants their life back and they don’t need the government or health officials trying to micro manage how they live.

Fascist Brian Conway really needs to check himself before he wrecks himself because he is beating down the path of requesting segregation ID for essential service. Stephanie Smith needs to learn the most basic common sense thinking skills and logic, even a child knows the vaccine passport isn’t providing any extra health or safety for any one.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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