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Canada: Mandatory vaccines and the Emergencies Act

“I can tell you, we haven’t taken anything off the table from the Emergencies Act….”

Earlier we reported about radical left Liberal MP Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos floating the idea of Compulsory vaccination for everyone likely coming soon to Canada.

Duclos’s remarks went viral on social media and condemned by a majority of Canadians. The fundamental rights we are born with is strongly valued by Canadians and they made it known and clear.

“I think decisions need to be had about mandatory vaccinations because we have to get rid of COVID-19.” says Duclos.

Duclos stated at a press conference on Friday that while mandatory vaccination is under the provinces’ jurisdiction, he believes it will happen soon.

Soon after the conference Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe both took a very visible stand releasing statements they are not in any talks with the federal government to impose mandatory vaccination on the population. Both premiers believe in the Canadian values freedom of choice.

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So what does this mean for radical left Liberal MP Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and his suggestions of mandatory vaccinations for Canada nation wide? The law allows any province to reject a mandatory vaccination mandate for their population. The Federal government can not impose mandatory vaccination for everyone unless they use the Emergencies Act from the federal level. But if we flashback to May 2021 in a remote interview Trudeau says “we’re not a country that makes vaccination mandatory for example”

So with that we have nothing to worry about right? Well, lets take another trip down memory lane a little further back to March 2020. Every Canadian remembers Trudeau’s COVID Zero fantasy when the COVID vaccines got approval for emergency use. Some even remember Trudeau wanting to use the Emergencies Act to force vaccinations in to the arms of all Canadians bypassing the Charter of Rights and crushing Canadians freedom of choice to body autonomy with experimental vaccines.

A reporter ask Trudeau what kinds of enforcement he has thought of to force experimental vaccines in to every arm of Canadians. “Can you spell exactly what enforcement levels you are looking at, at the national level?” asked the reporter. “I can tell you, we haven’t taken anything off the table from the Emergencies Act….” says Trudeau, back when the pandemic started just as the vaccines became available for emergency use.

Here is the video clip

March 2020 on CBC Trudeau says the Emergencies Act is still on the table to force vaccination of experimental vaccines on the Canadian population

It was reported once before the provinces Premiers rejected Trudeau’s push to use the Emergencies Act by the Toronto Sun here

Quoting Toronto Sun “Premiers across the country roundly rejected the idea of the federal government invoking the Emergencies Act during a conference call Thursday afternoon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had written to each of the provincial and territorial governments to consult them on invoking the Emergencies Act in order to take on specific powers.”

With all this information on the table are we able to trust the government not to abuse the Emergencies Act to exert total control and god like powers over Canadian citizens? The Emergencies Act doesn’t just apply to vaccinations it can be used with anything they agree is an “emergency”. We have seen Trudeau with many temper tantrums directed at the unvaccinated to try to rally a majority of the population in support for his unethical views and mandates. Currently only 2 Premiers have slammed the federal government Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos for the suggestions.

Articles of Trudeau blaming the unvaccinated:

According to Canada’s COVID-19 National vaccination coverage statistics as of January 1, 2022 there is 80.80% of Canadian population fully vaccinated. This is above the goals that were set.

“The cumulative percent of people 5 and older fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada was 80.80% as of January 1, 2022.”

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