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Far left politician Ottawa NDP MPP Joel Harden deceived Canadians with a ‘rabbit-punch’ to his face hoax

More details have come forward in the alleged assault against MPP Joel Harden and the story that followed.

On Friday far-left politician NDP MPP Joel Harden clamed he was punched in the face and ‘rabbit-punched’ in the back of the head while participating in a counter protest with the objective to obstruct and disrupt an anti-gender ideology and indoctrination in schools rally.

On Thursday, one day before the rally far-left politician Joel Harden stood up in parliament labelling the planned anti-gender ideology and indoctrination march as a “hate” rally.

During the rally on Friday Joel Harden showed up dressed with a rainbow suit jacket on carrying a megaphone. Joel Harden spent the day screaming into the megaphone “Protect trans kids! Because we love trans kids!”

Harden initially told Yahoo News Canada that he was punched in the face and the back of the head. archived here

“I felt something really bad was going to happen” Joel Harden said, according to Yahoo News. noting Harden said he was proactively putting himself between people “in an attempt to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.”

Far left politician ND MPP Joel Harden said he felt like he was punched in the back and hit in the face with a “rabbit-punch.”

“I felt a punch in the back and then a rabbit-punch to the face,” Harden recounted. “It happened in a split-second.”

Harden also claimed in a Twitter post he was punched in the face.

“And punching people in the face.” Harden said tweeted with a picture of him self with a scrape on his face in a reply to a video of the rally captioned with labelling average Canadians that are against gender ideology and indoctrination in schools of being a “far right” angry mod chanting “leave our kids alone.”

Mixed reactions of support and skepticism of the situation flooded in. Canadas Far left federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, other left wing politicians also propagated the post around to capitalize on it and score political points.

Trans activist and Far left politician Ariel Troster, councillor for Somerset Ward followed up with a retweet of Joel Hardens claim with a claim of being a witness to Joel Harden allegedly getting “punched” in the face.

Skepticism of the accuracy:

Canadians caught on real quick and questioned the accuracy of the story. Some of the questions that began to arise instantly were: There’s no video evidence validate and confirm Harden was actually punched in the face despite around a thousand people in the area and hundreds of phones recording.

Twitter user Viva Frei started a tongue and cheek Twitter campaign to find the alleged suspect called “#JusticeForJoel” the allegedly “punched” Joel Harden in the face..

Frei blasted out dozens of related Tweets including asking why an assault on a member of parliament is not being investigated and treated more seriously by government, law enforcement and media.

Many critics said the whole story of Joel Harden being punched in the face sounded fabricated or at least inaccurate and likened it to a Canadian version of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax lat year in the United States.

Far left politician city councillor Ariel Troster went on a blocking spree blocking Twitter accounts that displayed any dissidents or skepticism and what appears for reporting on the availability of Torster’s account changing from public to private with protected tweets.

Where’s the evidence?

Video footage appeared online the following day showing a completely different chain of events. After analyzing the video and the picture he posted, where he holds the megaphone lines up with the area he was scraped.

Far left politician city councillor Ariel Troster faced massive public backlash and scrutiny about the the accuracy of the claim to seeing Joel Harden get “punched” in the face.

Harden and Troster were slammed online for spreading inaccurate and misleading information about Harden allegedly getting “rabbit-punched” in the face while many are now calling for their resignations.

Comparing the video with another a pattern emerges that Joel Harden uses his megaphone he has a habit of holding it so close to his face that it touches him.

Harden, who was in a rainbow suit during the rally, did not appear to be in video of an altercation in which a lady snatches another woman by the hair.

Ariel Troster was challenged about following the code of conduct for being a civil servant.

“The code of conduct for Ottawa city councillors states that members must be ‘committed to performing their functions with integrity, accountability and transparency.’”

Readers added context to far left politician Harden’s original post of the alleged punch to the face..

“Upon careful examination, it can be ascertained that Joel Harden unintentionally collided with his own megaphone, resulting in the visible mark captured in the accompanying image.”

One Twitter user posted a video of calling the office of Joel Harden with a speaker phone and suggests his office was flood with calls that maxed out the voicemail inbox.

Ariel Troster then followed up contradicting the original statement from: “I saw my dear friend (and MPP) get punched in the face by haters today.” to suggesting the definition of a punch to the face is more broad than a fist to the face.

“I saw a smack/punch that smashed the megaphone into his face” Ariel Troster wrote.

After facing massive amounts of scrutiny Harden came forward with a short Tweet thread explaining he was injecting himself in between two people saying he looked over his shoulder claiming that’s when the punch “glanced” off his megaphone causing his face to be cut by his own megaphone.

“After separating them, I looked over my shoulder and was punched. I was holding a megaphone against my face. The blow glanced off the megaphone and my face was cut. The woman left and the altercation ended.”

Paul Champ chimed in claiming another video shows an anti-gender ideology and indoctrination protester smack the megaphone into Joel Harden’s face.

“Video from another angle shows a protester strike the megaphone into his face. Too bad this video by Caryma doesn’t show the full view.” Paul Champ wrote before cracking a joke about a elderly native women being trampled by horses being ridden by RCMP mounted police at the Freedom Convoy last year.

“At least he wasn’t trampled to death by a horse I guess.”

Viva Frei quickly followed up on Paul Champs claim asking for a link to the alleged source of the video evidence of the allegedly “striking” the megaphone causing it to bump into Harden’s face.

“Why haven’t you provided a link to the video from another angle to which you refer? Where is this video so everyone can see it?” Frei wrote.

Another Twitter user posted a clip which appears to have originated from The Counter Signal that is filmed walking up from behind Joel Harden.

A man was allegedly assaulted by a pro trans rights protester wearing a either a dark blue or black and orange hat and their face all wrapped up with a purple face covering.

Remember Joel Harden said he broke up two women that were getting physical with each other and one was grabbing the others hair?

“a woman was grabbing another woman by the hair. I put my body between them and separated them” he tweeted.

And after breaking them up he was allegedly sucker punched from behind.

“After separating them, I looked over my shoulder and was punched. I was holding a megaphone against my face. The blow glanced off the megaphone and my face was cut. The woman left and the altercation ended.”

In this other angel there’s no one behind Harden except his comrade that allegedly punched a man that was in the anti gender ideology march and appears to bump into Harden.

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