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PM Trudeau at G20 summit (Photo). COVID mandates only for plebs.

So you’re stuck at home locked down by mandates. Your rights are being taken away slowly in the hopes you don’t notice. These covid-19 mandates are beginning to make less sense everyday with no science to back them up. By why is that? There has to be reason. Our Canadian PM is at the G20 climate change summit with hundreds of other elite globalist to discuss their next plans for the world. When it comes to climate change Covid-19 just doesn’t exist.

To get in, there is absolutely no mandates for vaccines and vaccine passports. All the climate alarmists can just walk right in like they are kings of the kingdom. Trudeau will be sitting in the same room for extended hours with other eco terrorists with vaccinated and unvaccinated with no masks.

get the pdf document for the COP26 Covid-19 protocol here

One of the very first points reads as followed.

Do I have to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to come to COP26?
Full vaccination is strongly encouraged for all those attending COP26. The safest way for
COP26 to happen in person is for those attending to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Just days earlier our PM Justin Trudeau was in the Netherlands with his elitist friends and other globalists having a great time just partying getting drunk like a lush. He even swiped a bottle from the bar to take back to the hotel for a little after party.

let’s take a look at some of the photos floating around on social media.

One Twitter user shared an image of all these elitist all snug together with no masks on and no social distancing indoors.

“Its unsafe to travel. Its unsafe to be with your family. School is unsafe. Being with a loved one in hospital is unsafe.”

Bbwell Justin

we have also come across another post with multiple pictures showing the hypocrisy to the mandates for Canadians and makes us beg the question. Why is ‘science’ different in Canada than the Netherlands and if the science was settped why is Trudeau not following the so called ‘science’

“After doing a photo with his new cabinet fully masked, Trudeau travels (something he advised Canadians not to do just days ago) to the Netherlands and takes advantage of their lack of restrictions. Cool cool.”

We are not here to throw any opinions around about the ‘science’ and mandates. We are only here to scrutinize the science and logic that is being applied. It is up to you to form your own opinions.

So with all this information absorbing in to your brain. We will end this article with a thought provoking questions.

Why is the ‘science’ different for other countries?

Why is there a different set of rules for the elites than for the rest the rest of us plebs?

If Trudeau can break the mandates overseas he set for Canadians at home. How sound is this ‘science’ when logic says he should still be following the same mandates everywhere?

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