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Leftists Rage Following Roe V Wade Abortion Ruling Overturned

Yesterday it was reported Roe V Wade was overturned in the United States today.

The Senate voted in majority to over turn the controversial abortion law that made it a federal law giving a right to abortion in the United States giving individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether as reported by Fox News

It didn’t take long before American Liberals and far left-wing radicals to hit the streets and begin threatening violence.

“The hell with the Supreme Court!” Maxine Waters is all of us.

AOC was out in the streets at the beginning of the abortion protest screaming “illegitimate” and enticing people to get “into the streets”

A group of ANTIFA extremists are seen in DC marching down the street chanting ““if abortion ain’t safe, neither are you”

ANTIFA crowd forming outside of the Supreme Court according to Julio Rosas followed by a video showing ANTIFA burning the American flag and begin to chant “Burn it down”

ANTIFA pro-abortion protester rioters tries to burn police officers with essentially a homemade flame thrower.

One of the officers defends themselves with what appears to possibly be a bean bag gun

From another angel we can see the police to make an arrest after flames were blasted in their direction.

In Las Angeles we see a video of large group of Far-left protesters and ANFTIA surround LAPD officers at the pro-abortion protest which then lead to violence. Fireworks were thrown at the police officers that were out there trying to keep people safe.

ANTIFA militants are captured on video trying to shatter windows to businesses but were quickly stopped by security. According to The Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt. She saw one ANTIFA member fully geared up wit gloves, gas mask and goggles. When asked why he was wearing a gas mask, from the sounds of it in the video playback he says he has nothing to say to hear, it was a bit muffled and hard to hear clearly.

Here is a screen shot from the above video. If you watch the video you can see this door being hit from the outside and flexing in to the building.

After far-left pro-abortion protesters tried smashing windows and kicking the door down at the Senate in Phoenix AZ, tear gas was deployed to disperse the crowd.

Far left-wing extremists and ANTIFA burn an American flag

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