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Canadian Youtubers say they will leave Canada if Bill C-11 passes

A flurry of youtubers and online influencers have sprung up on social media to voice their concerns over the Liberal government passing its online censorship law, Bill C-11

Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act) would amend Canada’s Broadcasting Act and give Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) the authority to regulate content posted online – the same control over TV and Radio – including user-generated content.

A lot of the controversy surrounding the Bill, critics accusing the government of attempting to control the flow of information people see online and possibly using the regulatory power to censor dissident or independent creators. 

Earlier this week, the law passed its third and final reading and is currently on its way to be debated in the Senate. 

Many different content producers have spoken out against the measure and expressed concern over how the regulation will impact their work. Some people have even considered moving away from Canada or changing the location of their channels to include a different country.

Rick Kackis, a Twitch streamer and gaming YouTuber, submitted a video on Twitter on Wednesday to criticize Bill C-11 for possible damaging effects on his channel.

“My life and the life of other Canadian YouTubers just got turned upside down. Our government just passed Bill C-11 which gives them control over what Canadian citizens see on the internet,” said Kackis. 

“Where do we go from here? No one knows, it’s simply terrifying. People in the states. Got any good deals on housing? Because apparently, I’ve got to move.”

“Goodbye guyz bill c11 passed I can’t upload anymore,” tweeted Chaseroony. “One day i’ll be Canadian enough.” 

A short video outlining Bill C-11 was created by YouTuber and celebrity interviewer BeforeTheyWereFamous. He said that social media content regulation might destroy his company by limiting his market.

“Has there been one good argument in favour of Bill C-11?” tweeted Parry. 

“It’s a death blow for my business”

“I can’t get into all the nitty gritty here but it would pretty much be like a death blow for my business. Not all my employees are Canadian, we do produce the show in Canada but if I were to only talk about Canadian things or have my content served primarily to Canadians well I might as well just start yelling out my car window on the highway. You can’t be a digital media company and only work with this audience,” said BeforeThey WereFamous.  

Before criticising Bill C-11 on Twitter, animator and special effects artist Kevin Parry asked as to whether there had been any convincing arguments in favour of Bill C-11.

“Has there been one good argument in favour of Bill C-11?” tweeted Parry. 

Singer and Actress Hailey Reese said: “I will never view my country the same”

Soon after it was discovered that Bill C- 11 had passed its third House reading, Canadian YouTube singer and actress Hailey Reese expressed her irritation with Canada.

“If Bill C-11 actually goes through I will never view my country the same,” said Reese.

Reese outlined how the measure would restrict her reach in a different tweet.

“It’s essentially that basically only Canadian content will be shown to other Canadians and our government will control what we’re shown and where we’re shown as content creators,” tweeted Reese. 

Toronto YouTuber Jessii Vee: “I’m debating moving” 

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