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Zelensky begs Canadian students for money to fund Ukraine’s defense

The Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy at the University of Toronto and the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada jointly arranged the event.

The Ukrainian president gave a lecture and then took questions from students at ten institutions across the country, including the University of Calgary and University of Alberta in Edmonton, University of Montreal and the University of Prince Edward Island.

During the virtual meeting, Zelensky urged students not to “become tired of the war” and to continue rallying their communities to action.

Ukraine’s president Zelensky begged students from Canadian Universities for money to support Ukraine’s defense against Russias invasion

“We need weapons, we need financial support, we need humanitarian support” Zelensky said

Zelensky called for a endless list of sanctions on Russia and even begged the student to apply pressure to Canadian leaders to “do more” for Ukraine.

Zelensky said he doesn’t care if the first set of sanctions backfired and demands more sanctions.

“we need permanent 24/7 sanction pressure,” he said. “No matter how many times I repeat this, it will never be one too many while the war is going on.

The sanctions announced in March cutting off Russias ties to the SWIFT bank were intended to “collapse” the ruble and apply financial pressure on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The ruble took a nose dive following the sanctions but has since then bounced back to a 5 year high with a number of other sanctions were already added.

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