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WATCH: Joe Biden calls Canada “China” in speech at parliament

The President of the United States slipped out praise for China during his speech in Canada’s parliament.

During his speech the 80-year old president neglected to mention smuggled fentanyl originating from China. But he did mention the country shortly after. Biden said he applauded “China” then said he meant Canada for agreeing to accept 15,000 more migrants per year from Latin American countries while the US will help with Canadian efforts to deport anyone illegally sneaking across the border in to Canada.

The splip up occurred when Biden specifically named Mexico as a transfer hub for the fentanyl distribution network in to North America but neglected to name China as the originating country for the synthetic drug and ingredients to make it.

“We’re tackling the scourge of synthetic drugs that are devastating Canada and American communities, particularly our young people. Fentanyl is a killer and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by this — lost a child or lost a friend,” Biden said of the lethal drug.

“Canada and the United States are working closely with our partner in Mexico to attack this problem at every stage, from the precursor chemicals shipped from overseas to the powder to the pills to the traffickers moving into all of our countries,” Biden said

“And we all know, [the] synthetic opioid epidemic has its roots around the globe, not just here. So today, we’re announcing a commitment to build a new global coalition of like-minded countries led by Canada and the United States to tackle this crisis. This is about public health.”

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