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Vaccine passport system is like communism says New TorStar CEO

Toronto Star newly appointed CEO Marina Glogovac has publicly stated that she considers vaccine passports comparable to communism, and she will not be supporting any establishment that asks her for proof of vaccination.

“[I am] vaccinated and [have] had COVID, but, I will not step into any establishment that requires passports, on principle,” tweeted Glogovac on Sept 9 2021.

“[I already] did the living in a communist country thing, thank you,” she continued in the same tweet.

“Plus, it’s completely illogical. Both groups spread the same! This is not about safety,” Glogovac went on, referring to the fact that the vaccine hasn’t met expectations in terms of limiting the spread of COVID, especially newer variants.

While the tweets in question posted months ago, Glogovac was just named the new president and CEO of the Toronto Star newspaper on Wednesday, and she doesn’t start until June 1.

She is currently working as the CEO of CanadaHelps, “a fundraising platform for giving to every charity in Canada, and builds fundraising tools for smaller charities.” Previously she worked for various e-commerce or technology companies.

Glogovac was born in Serbia and raise in the city of Belgrade back when it was still behind the infamous Iron Curtain under the former Yugoslavia, which happened to be a Soviet client state at the time.

Glogovac also has her critics such as Nili Kaplan-Myrth, an Ottawa family doctor and “medical anthropologist.” who posted criticism about Glogovac.

“How to put this politely… Shame on anyone who emboldens antivaxx rhetoric in Canada. Comparisons to communism?! [three red-flag emojis],” tweeted Kaplan-Myrth.

“@TorontoStar, your CEO just contributed to spread of disinformation about vaccines. These are Glogovac’s principles? Vaccines save lives. This IS about safety,” further claimed Kaplan-Myrth.

A website of a prescription advocacy organization of which she is a founding member describes her as community activist and someone who “writes about health policy and politics” and “has expertise in women’s health, transgender health, Indigenous self-determination, disability studies, and mental health.”

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