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Trudeau uses government private jet burning Canadian taxpayer money for a 2-week vacation in Costa Rica

With inflation skyrocketing and living costs going threw the roof with the threat of a looming recession in Canada, Trudeau is off to Costa Rica for a 2 week vacation at the expense of taxpayers.

The Trudeau family it set to vacation in the same place they did in 2019 for Christmas, accourding to the Peime Ministers Office (PMO).

According to Global News the Trudeau’s will apparently be paying for their own accommodations, however they will be flying elite on a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) plane for “security purposes.” According to records obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The Trudeaus’ 2019 vacation cost taxpayers nearly $200,000.

In 2019, the prime minister racked up a bill to the taxpayers of $196,137 for fun in the sun while a majority of the costs went to multiple RCAF business jet flights. The costs of flight crews to serve Trudeau was also billed to taxpayers

Consumer price inflation in Canada increased to 8.1% in June, the highest annual jump since January 1983. The cost of basic products and services, such as gas, food, and housing, has increased dramatically as a result of high inflation rates.

The Bank of Canada raised interest rates by 100 basis points, to 2.5 percent, in an effort to address the inflation situation.

Tiff Macklem, governor of the Bank of Canada, warned Canadians to brace for this winter’s additional economic stress and increasing prices.

“We do have a material reduction in growth. We are forecasting growth this year at three-and-a-half percent moving down to one and three-quarters percent next year. That is a material reduction in growth. That does imply some pain,” Macklem said.

“Yes, the economy is going to slow. The economy needs to slow. We need to take the steam out of inflation.”

On Jyly 28,Tte United states has experienced it’s economy shrinking for a second quarter in a row, an annualized rate of 0.9%. Economists define two consecutive quarters of negative growth as a recession.

Numerous economists believe Canada’s economy will experience a recession as a result of weakening economic indicators.

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