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Teens charged with ‘anti-white’ hate crimes following attack on New York City bus

Earlier this month, Jill LeCroix, a 57-year-old grandma was targeted on a New York bus by three teenage black girls in what she described as a ‘anti-white’ attack.

On July 27, 2022 it was reported two of the girls were arrested and are being charged with assault and aggravated harassment which have been classified as hate crimes while the third is still on the loose.

Jill LeCroix was attacked on July 9, 2022 that left her face a bloody mess while riding on a southbound Q53 bus at Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard, reported New York Post

According to LeCroix one of the girls who had bright green hair approached her and started to verbally attack her with anti-white slurs, with one of them saying she “hates white people, the way they talk, hates white skin, the way their skin cracks.”

Because her skin is white, LeCroix said she was called out as a Trump Supporter.

“Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’ LeCroix recalled and replied “I love him.” I didn’t see which one hit me first.

LeCroix said she “was the only white person on the bus,” and when passing St. John’s Cemetery on Woodhaven, one of the teens said, “That’s where I’m going to bury you!”

“You’re going to get what you deserve! All white people are going to get what they deserve,” LeCroix alleged she was told.

LeCroix smashed in the head that required three staples to repair. The teenagers laughed as they got off the bus after the assault, leaving LeCroix to tend to her injuries. LeCroix, a mother of three mixed-race kids, was her route to see her mother at the time.

“Never in my life have I been attacked like that,” she said of the incident.

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