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There’s “no mandates anymore”: A false claim by Peterborough mayor

False claims about Covid mandates are common place for Canadian politicians. They are either unaware of their own mandates for their communities or they are out of touch with the rest of Canadians.

Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien falsely claimed there were no Covid-19 mandates anymore even though Peterborough has a Covid policy that clearly stats employees must be so-called “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19.

Therrien made this misleading assertion after an incident between local police and supporters of conspiracy theorist Romana Didulo.

Romana Didulo is a BC women who claims to be the “Queen of Canada.”

“We saw this play out in the city of Ottawa which is a much larger city with a much larger police force,” said Therrien.

“There’s a group of people who I feel are just bored with nothing else to do because they’re protesting mandates, and there’s not even any mandates anymore.”

Romana Didulo was no part of the freedom convoy however she did try to use the traction to hold her own separate demonstrations in Ottawa at the time.

According to Peterborough’s vaccine policy, where Diane Therrien is the Mayor says “all individuals and contractors covered by this policy (are required) to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.” 

“The city requires that all individuals covered by this policy provide proof of vaccination, unless an exemption is granted,” the policy states. 

“Deadlines for subsequent vaccinations or boosters will be established by the employer at that time to allow individuals a grace period to become fully vaccinated.” 

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