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NDP MP slams Trudeau’s worthless stalkerware ArriveCAN app

Ever since its launch the Trudeau governments stalkerware ArriveCAN app has been a bane to and one travelling domestically in Canada or arriving from internationally.

In recent months the ArriveCAN app has face tremendous criticism from across all political spectrums.

NDP MP Brian Mass from Windsor West said on Sunday the app is ‘worthless’, joining Canadians calling on the Trudeau government end the tracking app.

“I always fight for safety 1st,” Brian Mass tweeted, adding “#ArrivCan is not that.”

He has echoed the concerns of Canadians saying “It’s being used as a back door to permanently track all border crossing.” and he urges MPs they “need to speak up now” or it will “destroy our tourism industry, frustrate & create longer line ups when the technology fails”

Masse said in a interview with CBC the app is “worthless in terms of public safety,” and with it, Canadas branding has become an “unwelcoming destination.” Masse linked to the CBC article that explained, according to Customs and Immigration Union president Mark Weber

In an interview with the CBC, Masse added that the app was “worthless in terms of public safety,” and that it is also “branding [Canada] as an unwelcoming destination.” a high number of people (40%) crossing the border Windsor, Ontario and other parts of Canada incorrectly filled it out, didn’t know they had to or simply forgot.

“They have to help them complete it, have them complete it inside the office, which means cars backing up. It is causing delays and it’s adding to an already serious situation with our low staffing levels.”

Weber explains the ArriveCAN app is taking them away from their actual jobs as border agents and now wasting time on the app.

“We’re in a situation where we’re kind of not doing our actual work as border service officers anymore. All of our time is being spent on the app,” he said.

Masse also told the Windsor Star he has been calling for the ArriveCAN app to be trashed for a month.

“All it does is delay traffic and frustrate people. It has no practical application to enhance public safety.”

According to Masse, one of the reasons the app doesn’t increase safety is that users can enter their information up to 72 hours before their crossing, which in that time they can still get infected.

He also said the ArriveCAN app only covers shots one and two not any of the “boosters” therefore “It’s outdated.”

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