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Steven Guilbeault brags about “progress” reducing green house gas emissions in 2020 with lockdowns

Lockdowns in 2020 caused a drop in green house gas emissions – Steven Guilbeault brags and takes credit for the “progress”

We can lower greenhouse gas emissions if “Canadians stayed at home in response to mandatory lockdowns”

Canada Minister of Environment went out on social media boasting about the reduction of greenhouse gases in 2020 as if it was good policies in “fighting climate change”

According to the a government report on green house gases shows we can reduce emissions if we lock everyone in their homes and limit and control what they are allowed to do.

Environment and Climate Change Canada submitted its 2020 National Inventory Report on emissions to the United Nations on Thursday. It shows total emissions in 2020 amounted to 672 megatonnes, down from 738 megatonnes in 2019.

The report showed 2020, the beginning of the lockdowns, total emissions dropped by 66 megatonnes which is “equivalent to taking 20 million cars off the road,” said Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault in a media statement.

“This is the first report that tracks the impacts of the pandemic on emissions in Canada,” Guilbeault said. “So we must be mindful that overall emissions are likely to rebound to a degree as Canada’s economy roars back to life.”

According to the report’s breakdown of emissions by sector, the country’s top emitter, oil and gas, saw its 2020 emissions drop from 203 to 179 megatonnes. Another high-emissions industry, transportation, saw its emissions drop from 185 megatonnes to 159 megatonnes.

Guilbeault said the reductions in the transportation sector were due “in large part” to travel restrictions for Canadians flying and driving because of lockdowns, which in turn reduced the demand for oil and gas.

“This report confirms the continued decoupling taking place between Canada’s economy and its emission performance,” Guilbeault said in his statement.

The federal governments target is to reduce emissions by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

“In other words, Canada is showing the world how we can do more while polluting less.”

Canada has never met any emissions target in 34 years according to Toronto Sun even though the previous target were much less ambitious of the new ones.

The “progress” taken to reduce emissions for “climate change” in 2020

  • March 2020 Canada’s travel ban came in to effect banning all non essential travel. No flying in or out of Canada unless it was essential like work related.
  • March 2020 all non essential businesses closed down, mostly small businesses were shut down and big multi national corporations were open for business.

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