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Rolling Thunder convoy rolls in to Ottawa, Arrests made and vehicles towed

Yesterday was the first day of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle convoy to Ottawa with demonstrations against federal vaccine mandates that have no plans to be lifted any time soon or in the foreseeable longer term future.

The original plan for the “Rolling Thunder Ottawa” bike rally was disrupted after the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) announced it would be ban “vehicle-based or supported protests” from the city’s downtown core.

The news displeased organizer Neil Sheard (a.k.a. “brother Neil”), who had asked Ottawa mayor Jim Watson to reconsider, stressing that prohibiting the protest would result in a “free-for-all.”

The events of Friday may be described as a “free-for-all,” with thousands of people attending on foot and a takeover of Ottawa’s Rideau Street that was shut down by police in a matter of hours.

Videos posted to social media on Friday morning and afternoon showed Rolling Thunder participants making their way towards the capital.

A so-called counter protest took place against Rolling Thunder Convoy. The counter protesters were flying Communist Party flags. The so-called counter protest dubbed the “Unwelcoming Party” – took place in the afternoon at Ottawa’s Strathcona Park.

This is a zoom up screen shot of the above video with the Communist Party flags

The women seen in this video is apparently wanted by Police.

A police officer allegedly pushed a women seen in this video and she is now wanted by police for so-called “assault” because was pushed the officer back after he allegedly assaulting her.

Using Twitter’s built in language translation this is the English version:

“Here’s how the conflict started on Rideau Street in downtown Ottawa on April 29th. The riot squad then intervened. Personally, I believe that the police slightly provoked this situation. What do you think ? #ottawapolice

One officer appeared to be excited to deploy an extendable baton as the police line begin walking towards demonstrators close to the end of the video.

OPS deployed numerous officers to clear the area – including some with helmets and shields – after they claimed the protesters were being “aggressive”.

On Friday, police claimed they arrested seven people and towed 24 automobiles, according to an update.

On Friday evening, the Office of Public Safety declared that it would close the “vehicle exclusion zones” it had set up for all traffic save emergency vehicles.

In the afternoon people started to arrive at parliament hill

A giant crowd of pro-freedom demonstrators gathered around near the tomb of the unknow soldier with a sea of Canada flags flying. Also in the crowd are a bunch of Quebec flags and other country flags.

The demonstrators began marching along Wellington Street towards Ottawa’s Rideau Centre just after 7 p.m., which had been blocked down earlier this year during the Freedom Convoy. in a Tweet reported by a journalist from True North

The Rolling Thunder Ottawa demonstration event is the largest freedom demonstration in Canada’s capital since the removal of the Freedom Convoy on Feb. 14 when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act.

Real hate demonstration going mostly unnoticed by legacy media

Going unnoticed by legacy media as the “Rolling Thunder Convoy” has the spot light, another 14 protests happening in the surrounding areas. Pointed out by left-wing BlogTO “Al-Quds Day protest scheduled for Saturday afternoon in the downtown core has been the subject of concerns over antisemitism and hate speech”

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