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Poilievre SLAMS Global News ‘Liberal mouthpiece’ after smear article

Poilievre said that Canadians’ trust in news media has reached “an all-time low.”. Last month, June, a study by public relations firm Edelman revealed trust in legacy media has taken a nose dive.

‘Liberal mouthpiece’: Poilievre SLAMS Global News after smear article

Pierre Poilievre, a leading candidate for the Conservative leadership, replied to a critical report by Global News on Thursday by criticizing the publication’s bias and branding it a “Liberal mouthpiece.”

The hit piece was published on Thursday , titled: “How close is too close to the far-right? Why some experts are worried about Canada’s MPs.”

Rachel Gilmore has become known for her extreme unfair reporting of the Freedom Convoy and anything she claims to be “anti-vaccine.”

In the article attacks Poilievre because he decided to meet with Canadian Army veteran James Topp, who marched across Canada from B.C. to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates. That’s right, vaccine mates not against vaccine but against vaccine mandates.

The far-left journalist makes many references to so-called “far-right” pod casters in an attempt to paint anyone that disagrees with vaccine mandates as so-called “far-right”.

“Politicians around the world have increasingly toyed with far-right movements and principles in recent years, from spreading unfounded conspiracies about the World Economic Forum to amplifying populist ideas from the fringes of society for political gain,” Gilmore writes in the Global article, then citing “experts” in the field, including a director of the discredited and Trudeau-backed Canadian Anti-Hate Network—the same network which wrote a pamphlet for children claiming that Canada’s first flag, often called the “red ensign,” is a symbol of hate.

“And when we look at your coverage of these issues, it’s easy to understand why. Instead of just covering the news, unprofessional journalists like you try to set disingenuous traps to attack your opponents,” a statement from Poilievre’s team reads.

“At every available opportunity, Pierre Poilievre has supported and will continue to support Canadians’ right to restore their freedoms and take back control of their lives. He has done this all while repeatedly calling for individuals who engage in illegal behaviour or express heinous views to be held accountable for their actions.

“Mr. Poilievre has stated unequivocally that ‘any and all racism is evil and must be stopped’. Since you insist on demonizing Canadians who dare to speak up against the Trudeau government, we can only assume that Global News is content to be a Liberal mouthpiece. Mr. Poilievre supported James Topp’s singular cause of ending vaccine mandates, so people can take back control of their lives. Your tactic seems to be to demand Mr. Poilievre answer for all the words and deeds of not just everyone he has ever met, but also everyone they have ever met.

“That amounts to guilt by multiple degrees of separation. Mr. Poilievre meets and talks with thousands of people, who meet and talk with thousands of people. Each of those people is individually responsible for their own words and deeds. For example, Mr. Poilievre has met with Justin Trudeau.

“That does not make Mr. Poilievre responsible for Trudeau’s many racist outbursts, including dressing up in racist costumes and mistreating visible minorities in his own party. Mr. Poilievre will continue to stand up for everyday Canadians and won’t apologize for doing so.”

She did get a reply unlike when independent media reaches out to the Liberals and NDP for comment there is no reply. BC Rise recently reached out to Rachel Blaney for comment asking if the random day off she gave her staff for the American holiday on July 4, 2022 was a paid day off at the expense of Canadian tax payers.

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