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Did NDP MP give staffers an extended long weekend to “protest” things outside of Canada at the expense of Canadian taxpayers?

Canadian politicians have an obsession grand standing for issue in other nations some times it feels like they don’t understand they are Canadian civil servants not global civil servants.

NDP MP Rachel Blaney for North Island – Powell River gave her staff an extra long weekend but not because of any Canadian holidays.

NDP MP Blaney announce she has told her staff to take the day off on July 4th, 2022, a United States holiday.

NDP Rachel Blaney decided to close her office to her Canadian constituents to “protest” federal policy in a different country.

You read that correctly, a Canadian politician invented another day off for her staff to virtue signal for laws in a different country than Canada when Canadian tax payers pay their wages.

“I have instructed my staff to close offices on July 4, in solidarity with women in the USA & the world in support of reproductive freedoms & in protest to the lack of access to abortion services. Healthcare must include right to choose – people who are pregnant need to be safe.” Rachel Blaney posted on social media.

Rachel was criticized by Canadian Coalition of Firearm Rights activist Tracey Wilson.

“Big government always gives themselves a day off to virtue signal for others. Same as Reconciliation Day, where federal employees honour the historically oppressed by giving themselves another paid day off. Wild.”

Rachel was also quckly accused by Rebel News, Ezra levant of a “free vacation,” in response to her tweet.

“Friday was a day off because it’s Canada Day. So it was already a long weekend. But this luxurious MP — part of Trudeau’s coalition with the NDP — just decided to make it a four-day weekend. But it’s not a free vacation. Absolutely not. It’s a sign of sacrifice & solidarity,” tweeted Levant.

We have noticed a lot of people commented on the tweet asking if staff is getting a paid day off or if it is an unpaid day off.

A common concern raised by Canadians is why should Canadians be paying Canadian politicians to protest laws in other countries when we don’t pay them to protest in Canada.

BC Rise reached out to Rachel for comment if her staff is getting the day off to protest things unrelated to Canada at the expense of Canadian tax payers, We are also asked how closing her office to her constituents for the day to protest policies in the United States helps Canadians. A email auto reply was sent to BC Rise saying the office is closed to protest American laws.

“Today, on July 4, MP Rachel Blaney and her team are closing their offices and choosing not to work in solidarity and protest with women in the United States and all around the world in support of their reproductive freedom. Healthcare must include the right to choose because people who become pregnant need to be safe. Access to abortion services is a right all women should have, regardless of where they live. It’s a matter of safety and healthcare. “

We have also reached out to Jagmeet Singh for comment about his MP crating an extra long long weekend for her staffers to protest American policies and how is Rachel Blaney closing her office to her Canadian constituents to protest American policies helps her constituents. among other questions we asked Jagmeet if he believes it is acceptable for elected Canadian public servants to randomly create a day off for themselves and their staffers to protest laws outside of Canada that do not effect Canadians or Canadian laws.

We received no reply from Jagmeet Singh but we will update this story if we get a reply.

Considering the protest has nothing to do with Canada and Canadians shouldn’t be paying civil servants taking days off to “stand in solidarity” with anyone in any other nation.

A couple weeks ago the Supreme Court in the united States overturned a ruling on abortion in the Roe v. Wade case.

The Canadian NDP and Liberals have sunk their teeth in to this culture war in the United States and have been spreading inaccurate information about the abortion laws in the United States in a bid to exploit it for political gain in Canada.

The over turning of Roe v. Wade did not make abortions‘ illegal in the United States, what the decision did was return the power back to each state to allow, limit or ban abortion.

The power to abortion rights has fallen back to the democratic process of voting in a Governor of the state who holds the same or close to the same values about abortion.

Abortion is legal in Canada and was never made illegal when Conservative PM Stephen Harper was in power. Currently the abortion topic is still not an issue in Canada and it is not up for debate. Only the Liberals and NDP keep trying wanting to make abortion rights a debate topic in Canada.

Interim party leader Candice Bergen said ‘Conservative Party will not introduce legislation or reopen the abortion debate

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