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Justin Trudeau Supports Protests Against Covid-19 Measures In China And Elsewhere, Just Not In Canada

Apparently Justin Trudeau sands with the people of China protesting Covid measures but stands on Canadians when they protest Trudeau’s own Covid measures.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally acknowledged the massive protests in China. The protests begin on Tuesday November 23, 2022 following a building fire the night before.

“Everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to share their perspectives and indeed protest. We will continue to ensure that China knows we will stand for human rights and with people who are expressing themselves.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on his way to a cabinet meeting today told reports when they asked him about the protests in China. adding “we also need to make sure china and other places around the world are respecting journalists and their ability to do their job and we will continue doing that”

On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau took part in question period at the 2022 Reuters NEXT Conference where we took some questions in regards to authoritarian states. The host asked Trudeau about the protests against Covid-19 measures in China.

“Obviously it’s really important that citizens be able to make themselves heard. They are protesting on a specific issue that touches on so many others, of government control of authoritarian states.” said Justin Trudeau

“We of course stand with those protesters. We know how important it is for people to express themselves, for journalists to be able to do their jobs and we’re going to continue constantly stand up for human rights and the things people in China and people all around the world continue to fight for”

Last week on Tuesday a fire broke out in a building and fire fighter crews were unable to access it while residents were locked inside the building from the outside which is one of the Covid-19 lockdown measures. The Communist Party of China denies it was the fault of the extremely strict Covid measures that 10 residents burned to death.

The Chinese people have united together in mass protests against the Covid measures and calling for the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping to step down.

Posts to social media reveal the people of China have filled the streets and started to destroy Covid testing sites and knocking down barriers that were erected in the name of “zero-Covid” by the Communist Party of China government.

Another social media user posted a video of what they say shows protesters in China throwing bottles at the police.

Twitter translates it to:

Supplementary Video of Houjiao, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Protesters throw glass bottles at police

However earlier this year Justin Trudeau wasn’t so fond of protests against Covid public health orders. A grassroots movement called the Freedom Convoy started on the west side of Canada in British Columbia growing larger with more participants as it drove East to Ottawa the nations capital.

Thousands of Canadians, whom are mostly strangers to each other gathered in one of the biggest protests ever in Canada. Canadians came together to protest Justin Trudeaus federal Covid vaccine mandates and other Covid measures.

An independent journalist for True North reported a stage was setup and the day was busier compared to the previous day. He said the crowd was good and there were public speeches taken place at this event.

In the video which was two weeks in to the Freedom Convoy protest you can see a large crowd of Canadians along with Canada flags. There were tables set up and free food being handed out to people.

Just a few days before Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act [War Measure Act with a few small modifications] an independent journalist broad casted live as she walked around the Freedom Convoy protest.

The crowd was still a calm environment and a peaceful protest, people smiling and having a good time. There’s more food stations set up hand out more free food to people, anyone was able to walk up and get a bite to eat for free.

He reacted in a much different way to the peaceful protesters in Canada against his Covid mandates and measures. The entire time Canadians spent protesting for 3 weeks in the nations capital the prime minister hid from the people only to appear on the news to accuse freedom Convoy protesters of misogyny and racism. His government also discussed how many tanks the Canadian Armed forces have available to use on the freedom protesters in Ottawa.

On the same day independent journalist Lavoie from Rebel News live streamed the peaceful protest, Justin Trudeau threatened protesters saying it is illegal to protest his Covid-19 policy and anyone that joins the protest against his Covid measures, they are now criminals and breaking the law.

“If you join the protest because you’re tired of Covid, you now need to understand you are breaking the law,” PM Trudeau says.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later invoked the Emergencies Act [which is the War Measure Act with a few small modifications], used anti terrorism laws against citizens and froze bank accounts of protesters and anyone that donated any little bit of money even $5 to the grassroots movement without due process.

He sent in police with riot gear and guns with snipers keeping watch from the roof tops as to quash the peaceful protest of Canadians expressing themselves and protesting.

Videos were captured of the police beating up protesters with excessive force. One man is seen being pulled by officers behind police lines and appears to be smashed with the mussel end of a rifle.

Journalist from rebel news was attacked by police and shot with a tear gas canister from just a few feet away.

Videos also surfaced of police officers swarming protesters and ganging up on single protesters and repeatedly kneeing them.

Justin Trudeau has been called a hypocrite

Journalists Licia Corbella and Sophie Corcoran took to Twitter to take up issues with Trudeaus remarks and express their dissatisfaction of the prime ministers statements.

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