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Tentative deal struck between Liberals and NDP to keep Canada under Trudeau rule until 2025

A tentative deal struck between Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to keep Canada under left-wing rule until 2025, CBC’s Vassy Kepelos is reporting.

The deal “would see the NDP support the Liberal government to keep it in power until 2025 in exchange for movement on key NDP priorities,” CBC reports.

According to CBC sources the deal is a “confidence-and-supply agreement” and still requires the support of MPs who are meeting Monday night in a late-night meeting.

Journalist Andrew Lawton was quick to remind everyone the Emergencies Act was used for Justin Trudeaus fake emergency and who supported it.

Interestingly the agreement will give Emergencies Act Review Committee a majority plus a NDP MP co-chair for the committee reviewing themselves. Kind of like letting a criminal being judge and jury for the crime they committed.

The CBC reports says

“The agreement would see the NDP back the Liberals in confidence votes. In return, the Liberals will follow through on some elements of national pharmacare and dental care programs — programs that have long been promoted by the NDP.

“Sources tell CBC News that the Liberal cabinet also met this evening virtually, followed by the Liberal caucus. Liberal MPs were not told the reason for the last-minute caucus meeting, sources said.

“Under a ‘confidence-and-supply’ agreement, an opposition party agrees to support the government on specific measures under specific conditions, and to not vote to defeat the government for a period of time.”

Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen was quick to condemn the deal.

“With rising inflation, out-of-control cost of living, and national unity at stake, Trudeau knows he is losing the confidence of Canadians,” she said in a statement. “His answer is to stay in power at all costs including implementing the even harsher and more extreme policies of the NDP.

Conservative Leader Candice Bergen issued a statement late Monday saying the deal “is nothing more than a callous attempt by Trudeau to hold on to power.”

“This is an NDP-Liberal attempt at government by blackmail. Nation-building is replaced by vote-buying; secret deal-making over parliamentary debate; and opportunism over accountability,” she said.

“If this NDP-Liberal coalition stands, Canada is in for a very rough ride.” 

Following the 2021 election, rumours of a possible NDP-Liberal partnership surfaced. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh declared at the time that he would not create a formal alliance with the government.

“There is no discussion at all of a coalition and that is a firm no for me. There’s not going to be any coalition at all,” Singh said speaking to reporters last fall

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