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Feds splurged billions on foreign “gender” projects and failed to track results

The Trudeau government has been excited and quick to pump out foreign funding for their “progressive” causes at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. There’s no accountability built in to track where the funding is going or if it’s accomplishing its set out goals.

According to an audit presented in Parliament on Monday, Global Affairs Canada lacks organization and recorded keeping skills causing massive data gaps and useless insights into the development and results of development aid for gender equity among women and girls in foreign nations.

The report says the biggest accomplishment by the government agency was a massive failure in the basic task of monitoring progress of its “aid” programs.

“It was highly problematic that critical information, such as project progress reports, could not be readily found,” auditor general Karen Hogan wrote in the report.

“The department could not use that information to monitor overall progress toward gender-equality outcomes.”

Part of that fund is a staggering $3.5 billion through Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

“While individual project files included useful information, because of the weaknesses in information management practices, this information was not being rolled up and used at the departmental level,” the audit says.

“Senior management did not, and were unable to, review the complete impact of programming. Without a full account of project outcomes, senior management could not respond to evolving conditions and make changes to improve policy implementation.”

While the Trudeau government appears to not be able to fund itself to track its own programs splurging Canadians tax dollars overseas it has gone on a woke crusade in Canada showering woke programs, policies and activist organizations with taxpayer money.

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