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The quiet part out loud. Bill C-11 back in HoC

Bill C-11, the “Online Streaming Act” more commonly know as Trudeau’s censorship law was in for another round of debates in the House of Commons.

For a group of people that claim to be against so-called “misinformation” and “false” information they are either self unaware or just don’t care and think Canadians are stupid or not paying attention.

The government has dug its heels in insisting they’re not trying to regulate user generated content. Independent Senators, the former Chair of the CRTC, and many experts, whether they believe the government or not they added amendments to act as guardrails to protect user content from CRTC regulatory body.

Today the Bloc MP Andréanne Larouche slipped up and said the quiet part out loud.

Larouche was asked a question to confirm that Bill C-11 isn’t an attack on freedom of expression.

Apparently Quebec lobbyists are more important than the Charter of Rights and freedom of expression for Canadians.

The English translation: “If violating freedom of expression means ensuring Quebec content is well represented online. Well. Then that’s worth it”

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