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Feds formalize policy changing womens prisons in to unisex prisons

Feds formalize policy allowing biological males to serve prison sentences in women’s prisons

The document – Commissioner’s Directive 100 Gender Diverse Offenders shows the process of facilities transfers for as well as requiring gender diversity training for staff and correctional officers

“After completing the intake assessment process, offenders will be placed according to their gender identity or expression in a men’s or a women’s institution, if that is their preference, regardless of their sex (i.e., anatomy) or the gender/sex marker on their identification documents,” the directive states.

“In the event there are overriding health or safety concerns that cannot be resolved, the offender will be placed in a site that better aligns with their current sex (i.e., anatomy).”

According to the document, men serving a prison sentence that want to be transferred to a womens prison will go through a process to will be assessed which includes a interview with a staff member from the receiving site.

The final say of the assessment says will be by The Assistant Commissioner for Correctional Operations and Programs and Deputy Commissioner for Women if the inmates transfer requested is approved.

While men are biologically born larger and stronger than women. It also outlines special accommodations for the gender benders like access to private showers or toilets “to ensure safety and privacy.” The document states

The Assistant Commissioner, Human Resource Management will be tasked with enforcing training for “gender identity and expression” is current, up to date and mandatory for staff. while engaging “gender diversity advocacy groups, when developing and updating staff training material.” 

The policy affirms what has been going on for several years, as biological men who identify as women have been allowed to enter women’s prisons since 2017. That same year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that his government would house transgender inmates based on their gender identity.

“I will make sure we look at it and we address it and we do right in recognizing that trans rights are human rights and we need to make sure we are defending everyone’s dignity and rights in every way we can,” said Trudeau at the time. 

On March 26, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) upheld a female prisoner’s claim that she was sexually assaulted repeatedly by a biological man at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario.

Steve (Sam) Melenbacher was charged with sexual assault over the incident. 

According to the PBC report a female prisoner reported that Mehlenbacher has “created a trail of victims, many of whom have been terrorized” by him. 

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