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Debunked: Liberal and legacy media myth about firearms at freedom convoy in Ottawa.

While allegations of firearms came from a unnamed sources. on Thursday before a parliamentary committee Ottawa Police interim chief Steve Bell admitted there were no loaded firearms during crackdown of the peaceful protester at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last month.

After former chief Peter Sloly resigned the buck to crackdown on the protest ehich was passed to Bell made the confession under questioning by Conservative MP Dane Lloyd during a Commons public safety committee

“In Ottawa during the protest clearing operation were any loaded shotguns found in the trucks of protestors?” asked Lloyd.

“What I can indicate is throughout the protest, we did receive information and intelligence around weapons and possession of weapons by people that either had attended or intended on attending the occupation,” said Bell. “As a result of clearing, at no point did we make any firearm-related charges, yet there are investigations that continue in relations to weapons possession at the occupation.”

Llyod was looking for an actual answer clear cut and dry yes or no, not a beat around the bush with carefully crafted words.

“I guess, yes or no, Interim Chief – were loaded firearms found in the trucks during the protest clearing operation? Yes or no?” said Lloyd.

“There have been no charges laid to date in relation to weapons at the occupation site,” responded Bell. 

“It’s just a clear question, Interim Chief. Were weapons found? Were loaded firearms found? Yes or no?” asked Lloyd once more. 

“No, not relating to any charges at this point,” said Bell. 

In February, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legacy media imagination ran wild causing him to think Canadas economy and citizens were under attack and lives were threatened. This imaginary scenario caused him to invoked the Emergencies Act to quash peaceful freedom convoy protests, which were heading into their third week in Ottawa. Among several allegations and conspiracy theories politicians and legacy media were spreading about the protesters to justify the heavy-handed measure was that police had discovered loaded firearms..

As recently as Mar. 19 left leaning freelance journalist Justin Ling repeated the conspiracy theory that “loaded shotguns were found” by police. 

Bell is the latest government figure to contradict the Liberal government’s narrative for the Freedom Convoy. Other crucial witness testimony has cast doubt on charges of terrorism and foreign funding.

According to Freedom Convoy co-organizer and ex-RCMP officer Daniel Bulford, “nefarious elements” had allegedly planned to plant stolen weapons among the convoy truckers in an effort to discredit the movement. 

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