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Coutts border blockade day 5. One lane is open while protesters wait for negotiations

It is now day 5 of the blockade at Coutts border crossing for Alberta and the U.S.

Hundreds of truckers are blocking the border in protest of the mandates.

The RCMP was there early in the morning checking to make sure everyone is ok reported by K2 of Rebel News

RCMP was checking up on the protester to make sure no one froze over night. It was as cold as -30 degrees celsius and snow covered ground. RCMP was asking them if anyone has any frozen system and were offering assistance if any is required. RCMP let the truckers know they will let mechanics and service crews to assist.

Yesterday at a conference Jason Kenney said in a statment the RCMP have engaged in negotiations with the protester’s “to find a peaceful and safe resolution for all of those involved”Premier Kenney said. “We thought we had a path to resolution. The protesters essentially chose not to comply”

The protest is still peaceful. There has been no violence and the presters have publicly condemned any violence if it were to take place. They have detached themselves from any type of violence.

“We heard there may be reports of vigilante action, wven among ourselves. We condemn this. This is a peaceful protest” they said. Continuing “from the beginning we have come here to get the attention of the authorities, to reason with them and have our demands met. There are extremes on all sides, we understand that but once again we condemn any individual actions of violence and intimidation.”

The protester explain they are not protesting for just themselves “we’re here for all albertains, canadians. We’re here fighting for the freedoms, not us. But Our kids our grand kids. The future of this province this country.” Said one of the protester, making it clear they are standing up for the fundamental rights of everyone.

Thee protesters have made a stand because they feel the government is trying to make these mandates long term “This is not something thay is gonna last for a short time. This is something we feel is so important that we are prepared to put everything on the line” said Chad, one of the protesters. This protest and message comes after we have gotten more tools such as early treatment medicines and the public health officials finally admitting there is only a very small percentage of the population at risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 and acknowledging the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission. With all these facts the Government is still trying to move forward to introduce more restrictions.

Jason Kenney made a statement saying the protesters walk away from negotiations. In response to that “there has been a press release that speaks to us walking away the negotiation table. That is completely false. We have said from the beginning we want to negotiate. Yesterday we were in negotiations with the RCMP. There was dialogue. There was good faith on our part. There was a similar action of good faith on their part, to a certain degree. That is where the talks stalled and this morning we were served in there ‘their context of negotiations’ wewere swrved with nothing but enforcement. Enforcement that we have through our iwn actuons been able to repel without violence. ” the protesters are standing strong and not moving but they are open to talk.

The RCMP and protesters have been showing each other respect “the RCMP are starting to realize and showing a lot of love” to the truckers

The protesters are looking for a peaceful meet and great for a conversation. In a video posted to youtube by Rebel News truckers wanted to send a message to Jason Kenney. In their statement

The RCMP are “supporting us 100%”. Protester rural MLA and RCMP have agreed the protesters will open one lane of traffic in good faith while they wait for the meeting at 2:00pm MST. The reasonable protesters have all voted and agreed they will one the one lane “but if they don’t meet our request that border is shut immediately”.

The meeting is scheduled for 2:00PM MST.

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