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Liberals are so anti-racist they refuse to condemn blackface

Liberal’s refuse to condemn blackface at all times in the House of Commons.

On Feb 2, 2022 in the house of commons the conservatives push forward a motion to condemn blackface.

When the speaker asked if anyone disagrees then speak up. There was an overwhelming no from blackface Trudeau’s party. “I hope you will find unanimous consent for the following motion. The house deplores the use of blackface and denounces it’s use at all times. Thank you Mr. Chair”

There was an overwhelming yelling of “NO” by blackface Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

Trudeau never condemned this Canadian flag with a swastika on it, instead he looked at the individual and said “thank you for coming”

Tweets with replies by pierrepoilievre (@PierrePoilievre) / Twitter

Trudeau and his party has spent 7 years calling everyone racist that doesn’t agree with them. It didn’t matter what the disagreement was about they called racist on it all. Trudeau has been so obsessed with race that’s the only thing he can talk about other thank his vaccine addiction. He spent all weekend condemning Truckers for Freedom rally and calling everyone there a racist. Liberal MP’s have gone on twitter to falsely accuse Conservatives of be part of a hate group.

for a straight 48 hours the have ramped up the propaganda machine CBC to push this false narrative for them with other Legacy Canadian mainstream media.

The thing the Liberal’s don’t want to admit is the Conservatives denounce hate before the Freedom Rally even began. While headed in to a conference on January 27, 2022 mainstream media swarmed Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre asking ridiculous questions already trying to paint all the Truckers for Freedom Rally supports and truckers as racist and extremists. He quickly fired back with common sense that condemn a whole group of people based on one or two individuals from any group is unacceptable and we must hold each person individually accountable for their own actions. This is a non bias approach and the most common sense approach that follows the Chart and Canadian Laws.

Here we have a lying Liberal MP Chris Bittle Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage spreading a conspiracy theory about the Freedom rally not being peaceful because of a flar in the back ground. This failure post an image that doesn’t speak for the environment. It was peaceful with music and dancing. Some times in large crowds of protesters like this was of possibly over 15,000 people. There is bound to be at least 1 or 2 people with something that is unacceptable. That’s just how ratios work because people are unpredictable. He also fails to think why the flag in the back has a swastika. Jumping to conclusion calling them a racists is just immature without speaking to the person. He has no clue if the person with the flag is a racist or if they were just using the flag with a swastika to symbolize how they feel the Government is currently acting.

This is not a justification for the swastika but more of a justification for us to use our brains and remember common sense and there’s always 2 sides to the story. But Chris Bittle took is upon himself to draw conclusions in his tweet to make people think Michael Cooper is a racist because of 1 individual way far in the background where CBC decided to film Michael. Chris was clearly trying to soil Michaels name and discredit him and have other people brand Michael as a Nazi or white supremist for him, that’s why he didn’t flat out say it.

The liberals are a very vocal group especially Trudeau at calling everything racist and wanting all the Conservatives to step down but they keep blackface Trudeau around. The Liberals are spending so much time trying to call the Conservative party and the Freedom for Truckers rally crowd as racists, they make themselves look dumb. Check out these couple of photos of our white French Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. He sure doesn’t look white in these photos, he looks painted black. Maybe this is why they don’t want to condemn blackface. The Conservative Party isn’t running around calling all the Liberal MP’s racists because of the individual actions of Trudeau. But that’s the hypocrisy within the corrupt liberal party. They will say and do anything they can to discredit some for their own personal gain. The Liberal party Government Policy is hurting Canadians and destroying our country. Are the Liberals trying to deflect the attention from their Government Policy failures?

New Trudeau blackface photo lands on eve of Canada election
Comment Justin Trudeau tournera-t-il la page sur le blackface? | Élections  Canada 2019 | Radio-Canada.ca

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